Does your Battery Drain too fast? 7 tips for enhancing Battery life of your Smartphone

Increase Battery Life

Battery drain, slow charging, and system-hogging applications are just some of the issues of poor battery life that Android phones have. But to help, we’re here. In this guide, we’re taking you through seven of the worst battery issues you may have and offering solutions to help you through them.

#1# Power-hungry apps:

It’s the first thing. To identify the problem, we need to know the behavior of our battery and then find a solution. Please go to Settings > Battery to get a better understanding of what makes your battery tick. Think about whether you really need them if you consider applications on this screen that use a lot of battery instead. By eliminating the ones you don’t depend on, you could save battery life. Check out this AVG study on the most battery draining apps-on your phone you can run several of them.

If you want to go into more detail about the battery usage of your smartphone, you can find in the Play Store a number of apps that provide statistics and comprehensive battery consumption information. We suggest the control of the GSam battery. It takes a couple of days to collect data on your smartphone and battery consumption once the app is installed, then after that, it will give you a great overview of how much power is being used on your computer.


#2# Replace your old Battery (if possible):

If your Smartphone is a couple of years old, the sad truth is that it could actually die a natural death on its battery. If you don’t have a lot of background processes going on and keep your screen bright, then you should read our phone review and compare our battery experience with yours.

Even If yours is significantly lower, it may be time for a change. Manufacturers also claim that for up to 1000 charges a battery will work well, but that depends on a lot of factors.

Android Battery-3-w782

Even more, If you have a removable battery smartphone, it’s just a case of buying a new one (a big advantage of selecting a removable battery smartphone). Sadly, for a variety of reasons, the removable battery is quickly falling out of favor with manufacturers. Although theoretically, if you’re willing to break your phone down, you can still fix a battery yourself, this will void your mobile warranty.

#3# Your Charger does not work:

If you find that your smartphone battery drains super-fast after a full night’s sleep, then it’s worth checking first thing in the morning if it really charges fully.

Check if your cable works with a different phone, or vice versa if your phone works with a different cable. If your charger proves to be defective, remember to buy only chargers from reputable manufacturers, otherwise, you risk becoming the subject of all-too-frequent news stories about telephones setting homes and people on fire. No, we don’t joke, it’s done.


#4# Google Play Services drain your Battery:

Google Play Services is another battery-powered service. Sadly, because this is a vital Android feature that allows your apps to connect on your phone with each other, you can’t stop it. You can still get it underhand.

Go to Settings > Games > All > Play Services for Google. Tap the Clear button on the cache. Google Play Service should be refreshed and stopped draining your battery. Repeat this one-month cycle.

tips for enhancing Battery life of your Smartphone

#5# switched off Auto-Brightness:

Don’t do everything innocent. The law says you should never use automatic lighting, but behind closed doors, you have violated it. While automatic brightness is usually sufficiently sophisticated to create a comfortable viewing setting for each individual, the optimal setting cannot be selected. How could that be? Smartphone sensors don’t know your big aunt’s eyesight’s power, do they?

Does your Battery Drain too fast?

Setting the level of brightness will always provide a better battery life, as long as you set it to a relatively low value. Thankfully, the Android platform makes changing brightness settings very easy and can be easily adjusted with a two-fingered downward swipe from the quick-settings menu.

#6# Shorten your Screen timeout:

It’s a well-known fact that the display on an Android phone is one of the biggest sources of battery drain, so it’s vital to its longevity. The setting for “screen-timeout” or “sleep” determines how long your display will stay awake after engaging with it; if your screen stays on while you’re not looking at it, it will waste precious battery life. It’s best to set it to the lowest value you’re happy with and change it only when you need it.

Don’t worry about devices that allow the screen to be constantly on while in use, such as games or eBook readers, they know they can stay awake regardless of your environment.

Does your Battery Drain too fast?

#7# watch out for widgets and background apps:

Widgets are murders of stone-cold power, mercilessly updating in the background while you’re doing business. You can believe a simple news ticker and weather app won’t do much harm, but you’d be wrong, and once you start adding more and more, it’ll take your battery seriously to task.

Think about how often you want to refresh your widgets and background settings. You may be able to set up your weather app to update every hour, but the more it changes, the more power it needs. If you only update your weather twice a day, then try to set the refresh interval to every 12 hours.

Most apps will ask you to set up the frequency of notifications when you first put them on your homepage, although you can change them at any time to return to their settings. Just be aware that this is not provided at all by some devices, and these may be real battery assassins to look out for. 

What battery problems are you always looking for in Android? In the comments below, let us know.

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