Factory reset an Android Phone using a Computer

Factory reset an Android Phone using a Computer

You can use its settings to restore an Android phone or tablet. So if you sell your phone or give it to a new employee, by resetting it to its original factory settings, you can delete all of its records, including apps and settings registered under your Google or Gmail account.

It is almost always the fastest and easiest way to reset your Android –unless you have your phone in your pocket. If your Android Smartphone has been lost or stolen, use your Google account to reset it from any screen, ensuring that the app is switched on and connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Factory reset an Android Phone using a Computer

Reset an Android remotely

If your Android device has more than one profile, such as a business-owned phone used by more than one employee, you’ll need to use a Google account on your device’s main profile.

Use your Google Account to log in to android.com/find. Pick the Android that you want to reset at the top of the screen if you have access to more than one computer with your account.

If your computer is missing, you will find it on the website of android.com. You will notice that its approximate location will be displayed on the map when the device is turned on. A warning is also provided by the system itself. You can press Play Sound from the website to ring the phone for up to five minutes, even if it is set to vibrate or be silent.


Select lock if you want to use your PIN, password, or pattern to lock the Device. Even if you haven’t activated the lock screen for Android, you can set it now. In case someone detects your gadget and wants to return it to you, you can also add a message or phone number to be displayed on the lock screen.

To completely delete all data on the Phone, click Erase. Once the data is erased, it will no longer work with its Find My Device app. Remember that the data on the SD card may not always be removed in some situations.

Switch it on and sign in with your Google Account if you want to use the Android device again. Some of your last sync data will be restored, as well as your devices and settings.

Restore Using Android Settings

You can restore it to its factory settings without using a computer if you can unlock your Android device. This is also referred to as computer setup or hard resetting. Everything you’ve downloaded on Android that makes it yours personal, including your info, photos, apps you downloaded and your settings deleted.

If you’ve recently changed your password for your Google account, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before you can reset your computer.

Plugin your Android

Backup and then reset and may take an hour or more for Android. Additionally, if you’ve programmed your android to periodically back up to your Google account, that usually happens when the Android connects to a power source. If you have a decent Wi-Fi signal, it’s best to back up your Android to save on cellular data costs.

Back-Up your Android

Open Settings to save your computer to your Google account. Settings can be found by clicking and scrolling down the All Apps icon at the bottom of the screen. The backup option’s specific location may vary. Tap the Search icon in the screen’s top-right corner, type “backup,” then select Backup and Restore. It may be under Accounts or under Cloud and Accounts on some tablets. The exact location of the Android software depends on the manufacturer of the phone and which version it has.

Reset your Android

Factory reset an Android Phone using a Computer

Tap again the Search icon and enter “delete” and tap Delete. Once, it may vary the exact location of the reset options. This will be under general management on some Androids. It could be under System on other Androids, and then Advanced. Click Factory Data Reset or Delete all Data (factory reset) depending on your configuration once you have identified the Reset options. To complete the reset, obey the onscreen instructions.

Once the reset is complete, you can sign in to this or a new Android device and restore your data and preferences by using your Google account.


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