How to change Language-Huawei P9

Huawei p9 smartphone

Huawei is the 2nd largest mobile phone producer in the world. So the option to change the language of different users is a vital feature for the product. Although English is an International language, but the users with 2nd and 3rd language enjoys using their phone at their preferred (own) languages. So changing the language is so vital to use the mobile device comfortably. So it is required for those bilingual users to know how to change the language of Heawei- P9. 

Here is the procedure to change the Language on your Huawei P9:

  1. Enter into the Settings App:

Hit the settings icon and find the “Advanced settings” as given below in the picture:

How to change language of Huawei-p9

  1. Push the Advanced Settings:

Select “Language & Input” head from the Advanced Settings menu to get more options.

How to change language of Huawei-p9

  1. Select Input Method:

After you select the input button, a pop-up window will appear to select one of the keyboards on your phone. So tap on the desired keyboard to make the selection. If you want to add new one, hit configure input methods and select from the list.

Hints: It is so simple to shift between keyboards from any app. Just press and hold the spacebar of your keyboard to reveal the enabled keyboard and select your desired language from the pop-up menu. 

Concluding Note:

Setting up a new language is now a matter of sequencial clicks. But, you can also change the language by way of installing new keyboard in your phone.

Did you use predictive text in your Huawei P9? If you still remain ignorant about changing language in Huawei P9, please, read the post once again carefully and apply the process as mentioned above without fail.

Feel free to share your experience in comment section.  

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