How to fix Samsung Galaxy A20s fingerprint Scanner not Working

If you have any issue which is not properly working on a fingerprint scanner on your Samsung Galaxy A20s, through this article you can get an idea for resolve that issue.  As the most affected reason, they identified the thin plastic layer added by Samsung. After removing this layer you have a chance to resolve the problem. If not, there are some steps to resolve this issue. Read MoreAdding IR sensor for your Samsung Galaxy A20s | As TV/AC Remote

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A20s fingerprint scanner Not Working |  Fingerprint Scanner Not Detecting Finger

Fingerprint scanner not working properly is the most frequent issue in Samsung Galaxy A20s. If you think that your Samsung Galaxy A20s device also has a fingerprint scanner issue, you can follow troubleshooting steps which are mention in given below. Read Morehow to Connect Pen drive to your Samsung Galaxy A20s

Try pressing a little harder

Normally, a Finger scanner in Samsung Galaxy A20s is more sensitive than its oldest model, which is a Galaxy S device. Although Samsung Galaxy A20s is more sensitive, sometimes it fails to identify the contours in finger 100% of the time. In such a situation you can simply press on the screen a bit harder and it should work. According to the investigation, they found this method is most effective in Samsung Galaxy A20s models. So you also can try pressing a little harder and it should function to your device too. If this issue arises continuously, although after pressing a little harder, you can try the next troubleshooting step given below. Read MoreSave The Mobile Data On Samsung Galaxy A20s

Another important thing in Samsung Galaxy A20s technology, it is not working as the previous version of Galaxy devices. Samsung Galaxy A20s uses the technology to work fingerprint scanner by sending the sound waves of skin. According to that, it is not providing an image of the finger to the sensor for the working. If Samsung Galaxy A20s screen or your finger is wet, the scanner works effectively.

Remove the screen protector

For Samsung production, they use Gorilla glasses to protect the screen and its protection is enough to protect the screen. But if you use a third-party screen protector with the admission of providing more security, it may be a reason to raise an issue in a fingerprint scanner. If press a little hard, it may not be effective you can try it after removing third party protector if you use it. After removing the screen protector it may be inherited good results. Although after removing the screen protector fingerprint scanner not function properly then you can remove the plastic layer, which is before introducing the first batch of Samsung Galaxy A20s to the market, they decided to put a cheap plastic layer on the screen. You can remove this plastic layer also and can increase the effectiveness of the fingerprint scanner. Read Moreincrease internal storage on your android device

Install updates

For the improvement of devices software and functionalities regularly receive updates. When considering a fingerprint scanner on Samsung Galaxy A20s, it is also happening in the same situation. It is compulsory to install updates in Android as come updates. For carrier provided Samsung Galaxy A20s, There is an automatic notification and it’s telling you about the latest updates. You should have to go ahead and install the updates.

Remove fingerprint and add a new one

If you follow all steps which are mention above such as updating install and remove screen protector, it should work properly. But the situation is different, it’s mean after following the above steps, your fingerprint scanner does not work properly you have to delete your fingerprint and add a new one. It may be the best solution if there have difficulties still. After adding a new fingerprint scanner you have to register again. It’s better if you can follow below instruction when you registering a new one. Make sure to move your finger in different directions during registration. Then scanner can capture a few more angels of the contours of the skin. And it is compulsory to keep the phone in your usual manner. Normally, if you deal with your phone in one hand, try to use that hand while your registration process. Make sure to do it in a way that you normally would in your everyday operations. Read MoreActually, what can I do after root [35 Pro Things that even never heard]

Turn on screen sensitivity

If you feel that your fingerprint scanner is failed to read your finger, or screen not responsive properly, screen protector may because of the inefficient of the scanner. But if your device doesn’t have a screen protector you can follow the following steps.

Step 01

Go to the Setting in the app tray, otherwise tap the gear-shaped setting button in the pull-down bar.

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Step 02

Select Display from the list of option

Step 03

Go ahead until you find Touch sensitivity.

Turn on screen sensitivity

Step 04

Toggle the switch to ON for increase touch sensitivity for use with the screen protector.

Factory Reset

After turning on screen sensitivity if it is not functioning well, you have to consider wiping the device with a factory reset to know if it is a software issue or not. When you have done factory reset in your device, make sure to keep a backup of your personal data. Because when you have done the factory reset, it’s lost your personal data. The following step you can do in the factory reset in your device.

Method 01: Hard reset on Samsung Galaxy A20s via setting menu

First of all, you should keep a backup of your personal data and remove your Google account

Step 01:

Open Settings app

Hard reset on Samsung Galaxy A20s via setting menu

Step 02:

Scroll to and tap General Management

Hard reset on Samsung Galaxy A20s via setting menu

Step 03:

Tap on Reset

Hard reset on Samsung Galaxy A20s via setting menu

Step 04:

Among the option, select Factory data reset

Hard reset on Samsung Galaxy A20s via setting menu

Step 05:

After reading information tap on Reset to continue

Hard reset on Samsung Galaxy A20s via setting menu

Step 06:

Finally, tap “delete all to confirm the action”

Method 02: Reset the Samsung Galaxy A20s using the hardware button.

Step 01:

Press and hold the volume up button and the Bixby button at the same time.

Reset the Samsung Galaxy A20s using the hardware button.

Step 02:

While holding the volume up and Bixby button, press and hold the power button

Reset the Samsung Galaxy A20s using the hardware button.

The recovery screen menu will now appear in the device after you see this release the button

Step 03:

Using volume down button for highlighting “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset”

Reset the Samsung Galaxy A20s using the hardware button.

After pressing the power button, you can select “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset”. Use the volume down button to highlight yes

Pressing the power button you can confirm factory reset

Get Samsung help

There are no huge number o issues regarding fingerprint scanner (hardware) in Samsung Galaxy A20s. But if there is any issue in Samsung Galaxy A20s, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to resolve the issue. After doing the above troubleshooting steps and still not working properly you have to involve setting up a repair appointment because of the thing you can do, already you had done on your ability. After testing with the above troubleshooting steps you an informed to Samsung about your fingerprint scanner issue.


Ultimate Solution – Flash Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy A20s to fix your Problem

stock ROM is the original OS that comes with the phone. Some serious viruses can change this, All we have to do is re-install our original OS on the phone. We heard from some of our listeners that this was helping them. So we thought we’d tell you this too. This is really like putting Windows on your computer. So no matter what software problem is on your phone, this will solve it. This is a little time-consuming and cautious work. Since it is not advisable to do it quickly, we created a separate special guide for this and You can access that from this page

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