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How to fix various Samsung Galaxy S7 camera problem (Troubleshooting Guide)


How to fix various Samsung Galaxy S7 camera problems (Troubleshooting Guide)

This article most suitable for the users, who are facing difficulties of the camera of your Samsung Galaxy S7. First of all, focus on the issues that will not auto-focus. Such as issues may be arise due to the minor app or firmware issues. But, sometime it may be serious hardware problem.  

Sometimes it may be not issues in your device by now. But, it may be helpful to get knowledge regarding what are issues can be, what are the reason for arising that kind of issue and if arise that kind of issues how to deal with it. This camera issues not a major issue to fulfill major functions in the device. But is may be annoying. There for it should better, if you have knowledge regarding the issues. In future, if you face this kind of situation you can easily resolve it.

There is a phase to resolve the customer issues, if you want, you can visit Galaxy S7 troubleshooting page and can observe the solution for various issues. You also can refer your problem to this page. But if your problem is a common issue or already have a solution, it may be odd for you. If not, any time you can connect with the android problems questionnaire.

Galaxy S7 camera won’t auto-focus

It may be a common issue which is pictures and videos not auto-focus. They are unclear. Sometime it done reset all the camera setting it failed. And if it focuses on one item, then able to auto-focus. But it is fail to focus on different item. Such a situation, pictures are bully.

Troubleshooting steps: For the above mentioned situation, can be provide a troubleshooting solution as clear the cache data of the camera. Through that, the default setting of camera will be reset back. Therefore you can follow these steps in the beginning. After doing it also still remain problem, through booting your device in safe mode and your camera will open in that point. And check it is still not auto-focus. Above steps help to avoid the possibilities of problem arising in third party apps and it give understand regarding the issues by putting the device in diagnostic state. Because of that, it is better follow below steps.

  • Touch on the App icon available in Home Screen
  • Tap on setting option
  • Select Application and go to the Application manager
  • Swipe to all tab
  • Touch on camera option
  • Go to the storage
  • Tap on clear cache, clear data and finally tap on Delete

Boot in safe mode

  • Press and hold the power key
  • Release the power key when you can see the “Samsung Galaxy S7” on the screen and then immediately hold the Volume Down Key
  • Until finishing the device rebooting, continuously hold the Volume down Key
  • When it is shows as “safe mode”  on the bottom of left corner, you can release the Volume down Key

Then next, it better if you can observe outside lens of the phone and check whether there is protective film. It is a clear plastic and very thin. It has a little hole in the center. With the time that film will be blurry and it will be obstacle to the sensor, if it moved just a little bit. Because of that, it may be arise the autofocus issues.

It is more suitable think that there is a hardware issue, if it is not available protective film. Then you have to visit technician to solve the issue. But before meet a technician, it is necessary to clean your personal data from your phone. Clean your private data with the purpose of protecting your privacy.

  • keep a back up of your data
  • Remove your Google account from your device
  • Remove your Screen lock
  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Press and hold the Home and Volume up keys and then press and hold the Power key ( Note: It is not effect press Home and Volume up keys how long time and it is not affect to the phone. But phone will start to respond when you press and hold power key)
  • You can release the Power key when it shows in the screen as “Samsung Galaxy S7”. But you have to continuously press and hold Home and Volume up keys
  • When it shows the Android logo in your screen, then you can release both keys and leave the phone about 3- to 60 seconds ( Note: in a several second it shows the ”installing System Update” message, before displaying the Android system recovery menu. This is an only first phase of the entire process.)
  • You can navigate the option and highlight “wipe data / factory reset” using the Volume down key
  • When you highlight it, you can select it using power key
  • Now you have to highlight the option which is “yes delete all user data” using volume down key and select it using power button
  • You have to wait until your phone is be finished doing the “Master Reset’. As soon as complete it, highlight the “Reboot system now” and press the Power key
  • The device will reboot longer than usual.

Galaxy S7 pictures are in negative exposure mode

When display the photo negatives, phone changed. Device goes ahead to fixed issue through rebooting the phone. But there is an issue to edit the photo, already taken this way. This is also a one kind of issue.

Troubleshooting step: For that issues may be arise due to bug with the firmware and it’s a widespread issue. You will be able to fix the problem through turning the phone off and on, and clearing the cache and data of the camera. You will be able to solve problem. Until Samsung find an update with addressing the above issue, problem may be occurring continuously. Because of that, we can’t do any except the obvious work rounds, regarding the picture, which are you taken that mode. There are no any options to revert it and also still there are no apps for those pictures convert the negative exposure to a standard mode.

Pictures are not saves on the Galaxy S7

Sometime when it takes pictures with resurfacing camera, pictures are not saved. If there shutter work. But the pictures are not available in the Gallery.

Troubleshooting step: The reason for that issue has not identified directly. If your device also can such a scenario like pictures are not show in the gallery, first of all find whether there is pattern. If we can find a pattern we can access to the problem and find the causes. But, before that you make sure whether your device is be set to save pictures in the internal storage or SD card. If you set into save the pictures into the internal storage, there is less opportunity to arise this issue. If you set your device into SD card it may be issue of your SD card more than the camera.  So because of that, you check whether you’re SD available in good condition.

Galaxy S7 gallery not functions well

When it open thumbnail version to in gallery to include any pictures or videos, the thumbnail version is not be displayed and sometime when it open videos, it frozen but audio is work properly and gallery app clash totally sometimes.

 💡 Troubleshooting steps: this is a minor issue with Galaxy app and for clearing cache and the data, you can resolve it. For that you can follow below mentioned steps.

  • Tap on the Apps icon from the Home Screen
  • After that tap on setting
  • Tap on Application and then touch the Application manager
  • Swipe all tab
  • Find the Gallery and touch on it
  • Touch on storage
  • Find the clear cache and clear data tapping on delete

These issues commonly arise and if it may be arise after doing some updates. If it is occur due to updates, you can resolve the problem through deleting the system cache. Then there will be create new caches be new firmware.

  • As a first step, turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Press and hold the Home and Volume up keys, after that press and hold the Power key
  • When it start to show the Samsung Galaxy S7on the screen. You can release the Power key, but don’t release Home and Volume up key
  • You can release both keys when it shows the Android logo, then keep and leave the phone about 30 to 60 seconds
  • Use Volume down key to navigate among the option and highlight the “wipe cache partition”
  • When you highlight it, press the power key to select it
  • Now using the volume down key, you can highlight the “Yes” option and select it through pressing the power button
  • Now you have to wait until finished wiping the cache partition of your device. when it complete, highlight the “Reboot system now” and press the Power key
  • After finishing above steps, your phone will reboot longer than usual.

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