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How to fix your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that keeps freezing and lagging



It is a common incident which is constant freezes and lag often occur among other symptoms of performance degradation in mobile devices. Such as other electronic devices, Smartphone also be a slowdown with a time and constant usage. It is a normal thing. But this story affected differently to the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung Galaxy note 8 is a new and powerful Smartphone and it shows this issue at the early stage.  There are many reason for arise the same issues in new devices. Software issues can be identifying as the major issue for most cases. In addition to, it can be arises because of app malfunction, bad updates, software bugs, random glitches, system crashes and like that incidents. All above mention reason can be corrected through some work rounds. In this article provide you a recommended work rounds and potential solutions. If you face some difficulties, you can try those solutions on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, if it freezing and lagging issues.

If you want, before following the steps, which are mentions in this article, you can go to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Troubleshooting page and find the solution your issue. Through referring that page, you will be an ability to find an issue with more similar to your issue and then you can find out most suitable solution for your issue.

First solution: Force close background Apps then restarts your phone

In here we consider the Apps which are Background Apps, recently used but not closed. These apps are running in the background and it’s are in standby mode. If it changes any of these background apps, it may be affect to the other apps or the whole phone system. Some apps may not work and your device is not work properly, may be a result of an issues background apps. It may be help to work properly your device. Through forcing background app close.  In here, mentioned the steps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

  • You can identify the apps, which are use recently, through the pressing the “Recent app key”. It has been located on the bottom of the left corner of the screen.
  • If you are not going to close all app, you can tap on the app, which is you want to delete from the list and drags to the left or right. Otherwise you can tap on “X”
  • If you want to close all recent app, top on the clear all option.

Finally restart your phone to apply the new changes.

Second solution: Boot into safe mode and diagnose application.

Through opening safe mode, you can identify whether it was a reason to constantly freeze and lag of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device by any third party app. You can easily find and isolate the problem because of all the third party apps are disabling in this mode. Following steps may be a help to boot your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the safe mode and identify the app which is causes to arise this issue.

  • First of all turn off your device.
  • When you past model name of the screen, press and hold the power button.
  • When you can see the Samsung logo on the screen, release the power button.
  • Press and hold the Volume down key, as soon as release the power button.
  • Until the phone finishes restarting, you have to hold the Volume down key.
  • Now, you can observe safe mode badge at the bottom left corner of the screen. Now you can release Volume down key.

When you in safe mode, the problem don’t occur we can confirm that freeze or lag issues arise due to downloaded app. Then you have to remove downloaded app by uninstalling. In here you can uninstalled the app individually, which are you suspect. In here you can start uninstall the app, Which are recently downloaded or if you have a idea about the app which may be a cause for freezing or lag your device, you can uninstall that suspect app from the device in first.

  • Swipe up on empty spot to the open app tray from the Home screen.
  • Go ahead through setting and Apps.
  • To select desired Application, tap on the Application in default list or to display preinstalled apps tap on 3 dots icon > show system app.
  • Tap on the desired application.
  • Tap on uninstalled.
  • Tap on uninstalled again to confirm action.

You can reboot your phone after uninstalling suspected apps to apply the new changes and refresh the system. Now you can see whether problem is be resolve.

Third solution: Wipe cache partition on your phone.

It may be lag or freeze your device due to cache or get corrupted of temporary files, which are located in cache of your phone. Therefore, to make sure there is no issue from your temporary files, through wiping the cache partition on your device. Here are the steps for doing that.

  • Simultaneously press the Volume up key, Home (Bixby), and power button for few seconds.
  • Release all the buttons when it shows the Android logo on the screen and wait until the display “Android recovery menu” option.
  • To highlight the Android recovery menu, press the Volume down key several time and select wipe cache partition option.
  • To confirm the selection, press the power button.
  • Until highlight the “Yes” option, press the Volume down key.
  • To confirm selection, press the power button.
  • Wait some time for the wipe cache partition and when it completed, highlight the option, which is “Reboot system now”.
  • Through pressing power button, you can restart your device.

Wiping cache partition is different from master reset. It is not affect to store on your internal memory. The wiping cache is not a reason for losing your internal data.

Forth solution: installing the latest firmware

It may be a best solution is installing the latest firmware for fixing your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device issues. Because of updates not only offer new features, through updates they focus on problem and sometime provide a solution. Now we see what the steps are for that.

  • Open the App tray to identify available software updates on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device.
  • After that go to the setting.
  • Tap on software updates.
  • Select the “Download updates manually” option.
  • Tap on “OK” and then restart
  • Tap on “OK” to confirm, when it show the restart message appears.

Fifth solution: Reset your phone to its factory defaults setting and set it up as new

If above mention steps are not inheriting good results, as the last option you can try Master reset. If there may be a complex system error and those errors may be lead to crash and get stuck your device. Through the Master reset, it lost your all personal data and customization from your device. Therefore, before done Master reset, you should create a backup your data. After that you can try follow steps.

  • The Volume up key, Home (Bixby) and Power buttons are pressed simultaneously for a few second.
  • When it shows Android logo, release all the key and wait it shows “Android Recovery Menu” option.
  • To highlight or select “wipe data/ Factory reset” option from Android Recovery Menu and press the Volume down key in several time.
  • After that press power key to confirm selection.
  • Until highlight “Yes”, press the Volume down key, and after that delete all user data is highlighted.
  • To confirm the selection, use power button through pressing it and it will be instigate the master reset
  • Now you can highlight the “Reboot system now” option after the reset is finished.
  • To restart your phone, now press the power button.


There is alternative method to reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 through setting. Here mention that procedure and you can follow this steps if you want.

  • To open the App tray, swipe up on an empty spot from the Home screen.
  • Go to the setting.
  • Go to cloud and account
  • After that tap on Backup and restore. Through this step, it allows to create a backup of your data before wiping the data.
  • When it finished create backup, go back to again setting.
  • Select General Management.
  • Scroll to and tap Reset.
  • Through given option, you can select the Factory Data Reset.
  • To continue process tap on Reset.
  • Enter your credentials in prompted.
  • Tap on continue.
  • To confirm reset, tap on Delete all

You can start setting up your device as new, after rebooting your phone. Then your device should be working properly. If it is not, your device wants repair service. 😀 

Repair option 💡

Although it still shows freezing issues, after doing above procedure, you have to take your device to a Samsung service center, then a technician check your device and diagnose issue, if there some indications of hardware damage. Through a previous drop or liquid exposure, your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may be occurred some sort of physical or liquid damage. If there is such a scenario, it may be happen constant freezing and lags. Then your device will requires service.

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