How to turn on Download Booster in Samsung Galaxy On7

Hello friends! Today I am here with another guide for Samsung Galaxy On7 users. That is about the Download Booster, which helps you to download files faster using both wifi and mobile data connections when downloading files of 30MBs and larger. So, if you are regularly downloading large files using your mobile you should use this feature. First, check whether you turn on the Download Booster because it is not turned on by default. Read MoreAdding IR sensor for your Samsung Galaxy On7 | As TV/AC Remote

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Now, let’s look at today’s topic. 😀 

How to turn on Download Booster on Samsung Galaxy On7

It’s just a few steps away,

Steps 01:

First open Settings app

Steps 02:

Then tap on Connections

Steps 03:

Find More Connection Settings by scrolling down, and then tap on it

Steps 04:

After that tap on Download Booster

Then toggle the switch to enable Download Booster

Steps 05:

Finally, just tap on Mobile Data if it’s off. This is necessary to proceed. And remember both WiFi and mobile data should be enabled before turning on Download Booster.

How to turn on Download Booster on Samsung Galaxy On7
Note: Please remember that you may have to pay extra charges if you exceed the mobile data allocation of yours.

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