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How to use a USB flash drive with Android


Have you ever worried about lack of storage in your phone? And thought of connecting a flash drive to your mobile phone to transfer some files to the flash drive?? So, we are here to help you with that. Just a few simple steps. You don’t have to worry much as Android supports external devices without causing any trouble.
The method of Accessing a flash drive on your Android will vary depending on the situation. Stay with us and we will tell you all the methods. 😀 😀 

How to connect a flash drive to your phone

The method of connecting a flash drive depends on the type of USB port in your phone, whether it is USB-C or Micro USB.

If the port is USB-C,

If you have a modern phone with a USB-C port, the procedure becomes a very easy one. And If you are planning to buy a new flash drive, buy one with both USB-C and A connections. Those ones can be used on your computer and your phone without an adapter.
Then the only thing you have to do is to plug the flash drive into your phone. That’s all!
If the current flash drive you are using is an old USB Type-A one, you will need an A- to C- adapter. They are not very expensive. You can grab a one from Amazon. After you got the compatible adapter, plug it into the drive and plug both of them into your phone.

If your phone has Micro-USB,

As I mentioned previously, you can always buy a Micro USB flash drive if you are planning to buy a new one. But they are not easy to find. So the best option would be buying a traditional USB-A drive and an adapter.
After that you will be needing a USB OTG cable for the adapter. That cable includes a male micro USB connector on one side and female USB jack on the other side. You can pick them from Amazon for a reasonable price. Once you have the cable, plug the flash drive into the USB A jack and plug the other end of the adapter to your phone.


How to Access a flash drive on Android

You will get a notification after you plugged in the flash drive, saying that the drive is connected successfully. If the drive is not properly formatted, there will be another notification saying so. Similarly you can start formatting by your phone. Just tap the notification to enter the format screen.


Note: As formatting completely erases all the data in the drive, do not perform if you want to transfer data from the flash drive to the phone. In that case you have to copy data from the drive to the computer, then format the drive properly and copy the data back.
Once the flash drive is formatted, tapping the “Connected” notification opens the File Explorer app. So, there you will be able to do what you want with the data on the drive.
You can cut/copy and paste items by tapping and holding. Moreover you can transfer the data to and from the flash drive. 🙂 

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