How to use Recovery Mode without using any Button

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Reboot your Android device without using any complicated hard keys or buttons in recovery mode. Enter without power and volume keys in the Android recovery setting.

Recovery mode is a runtime bootable partition console, mostly a software interface consisting of a number of commands and hard key info to help developers install custom ROM, modify files, remove cache, and perform device malfunction software repair.

What is the recovery of stock?

Android stock recovery is built-in and has minimal features that help restore the checked data package on the air or manually. When you reset factory records, one that performs actual operations is stock recovery. It also helps with working device recovery tools.


What is Recovery Custom?

Custom recoveries are coded to allow a large number of custom ROMs to flash, deleting a specific set of system files causing the problem rather than factory resetting resulting in deletion of complete system data, deletion of cache, battery stats, etc. Custom recoveries provide you with much more device modification options.


How to reach recovery mode without using a complicated button?

  • For Android Lollipop and above (Inbuilt Software)

There is a setting for advanced rebooting in many devices running on Android version 5.0 L and above that can enter your device in recovery mode. Follow the following steps:

  1. Open Device’s Settings
  2. Now, Scroll down to “About Phone”
  3. Tap Build number 5-8 times to Enable “secret Developer options”.
  4. After that, You will see the “Developer options” in the setting above about the phone. Tap It.
  5. Under the Developer options, you will find the Advanced Reboot option.Developer option for Advanced reboot
  6. Turn it on or Enable it. (Advanced Reboot option)
  7. After the long press of power key, tap on reboot.
  8. Then, you will get three boot options: Normal Reboot, Recovery mode, and fast boot mode.
  9. Tap on recovery mode for entering the recovery partition (you can enter in stock recovery if it is custom recovery like TWRP or CWM is not installed).

ROM Manager (3rd party app)

Use Recovery Mode without using any Button

It’s the most popular ROM management app that works great with recovery from ClockWorkMod. It’s my favorite app to restore, back up and flash. Just download the app and the “Reboot in Recovery” option will welcome you. Although you have any other recovery installed on your computer, you can reboot in recovery.

Quick Boot (Reboot) (3rd party app)

Performing various booting operations is the simplest function. You will have options for rebooting your computer normally, in bootloader mode, recovery mode or power off. The best part of this App is you can create widget shortcuts and reboot quickly. This software also offers some system information such as bootloader status, number of builds, etc. The app requires permission from the root.

Recovery Reboot or Recovery Reboot (3rd party app)

Both are basic programs with no choice but to reboot in recovery mode. Click the button and you’ll be asked to access the recovery mode. The apps need to have root permission to work.


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