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If Your Android Stuck in Recovery Mode, Try These Solutions


Howdy readers! Today I am going to help you with another Android issue. That is, what can you do when your Android stuck in Recovery Mode. So in this article I will help you to get rid of that issue via three different methods that you can perform by yourself. Keep reading! 😳 😀

What is Android Recovery Mode/Android System Recovery

Android Recovery Mode is helpful in so many ways. As an example it can solve the problems of overheating, unresponsive, malfunctioning, and also if your Android device is attacked by viruses.
Android Recovery Mode is an independent and lightweight runtime environment that is stored in a separate part without touching with the Android operating system. Once you have entered to Android Recovery Mode, you can restore the device to factory settings, perform software updates or delete cache partitions and thereby fix the issue.

How to boot into Android Recovery Mode

If you have no idea of booting the device into Recovery Mode, just follow these steps.
First turn off your Android device.

    • Press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power keys simultaneously for few seconds until the device turns on. In some Android devices in which you cannot press the Home button, press Volume Up and Power buttons only.
    • Once the screen is on, navigate via the Volume buttons to highlight Recovery Mode.
    • Then select it to enter Android Recovery Mode

How to get out of Android Recovery Mode

To perform this, you can select Reboot System Now to reboot the device. Or else you can choose Power Off to shut down the device straight away.


If your Android stuck in Recovery Mode

Sometimes you might not be able to restart or power off the device using the options in Recovery Mode. You will be stuck in Recovery Mode. That is a problem!
So, we will help you with three different solutions. You can try them one at a time. If you are using an iPhone and you had the same issue you can read this article for solutions: iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode?

Solution #1
Check the buttons of your Android device
This is one of the commonest issues; defective or malfunctioning buttons. So you must check whether the physical buttons are functioning properly, especially the Volume buttons.
Scroll down to read the next method if the buttons are functioning well.
Solution #2
Force Reboot your Android device
This is the easiest and most straight forward method to fix stuck in Recovery Mode Android issue. Every Android phone has its unique way to perform a force restart. We are going to tell you about the general method.
    • Press the Power button and the Volume Up button at the same time.
    • Hold both buttons for about 20 seconds until the screen goes black. This indicates that the device turned off.
    • So that you can reboot the device to check whether it is starting normally or not.

If you couldn’t get out of Recovery Mode using the above method, you can try the next solution. 💡 

Solution #3
Rescue Android Data and Factory Reset the device
Rescue your data
Restoration of the device to factory settings will be the most effective method to solve your problem. But this method will delete all data on your device. So it is important to backup your data before performing a Factory Reset.
As you cannot ordinarily use the device because it’s stuck in Recovery Mode. You can use a third-party Android data recovery software to rescue the information.
We recommend you to use the professional MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android. This software is designed to restore Android data in various situations. MiniTool Mobile Recovery can recover photos, videos, text messages, call history, contacts, and so on.
There are two things you must know before downloading the software,
    • The software has two recovery modules. One is Recover from phone; which can rescue data directly from your Android. But this module only works for rooted Android devices. So if your phone is not rooted, the software won’t help you.
    • And also you have to enable USB debugging of your Android fir, the software
      If not the software won’t detect your device successfully.

You can recover 10 files at a time with the free version of MiniTool Mobile Recovery. And also you can use the free version as a trial if you are not sure about the software. You can download the free version from here.

After downloading, follow the steps given below to rescue your files.

      • Connect the Android device to the PC by a USB cable.
      • Then open the software
      • Select Recover from Phone. The software will automatically detect your phone and show you the Device Ready to Scan interface
      • In that interface you will see two recovery modules.
      • From that modules select the Deep Scan option (as you are planning to backup all Android data) and click Next to continue.
      • Then you have to wait until the scan is finished.
      • Once the scanning is completed, you will see a data type list on the left side of the screen. Just choose one data type from that list to see its files.
      • Likewise check the files you want to backup and click Recover.
      • The software will show you a default storage path. Just click Recover and the files will be saved in that folder.
      • Similarly you can change the default storage by clicking Browse and choosing another location.

Finally your files are saved to the specified location. And you can use them immediately.

If you want to use this software to restore Android data without limitations, you can buy the full version.

How to get the License Key? 🙄 

There are two ways that you can try while staying at the scan result interface,

      • The first one is to click the Register button ( it’s on the top menu list of the interface) and choose to Buy full version to enter the upgrade page. Then follow the instructions.
      • Go to the MiniTool official store and choose a suitable edition to get it.

Once you got the license key, you can register the software and backup all Android data to a safe location. Now, let’s move on to the Factory Reset part.

Restore your Android to Factory Reset

Just follow these steps. And please keep in mind that the procedure will vary with different devices. Therefore it is better to check your device’s manual before attempting the reset.

      • First turn off your Android device.
      • Once it turned off properly, press and hold the Home button, Power button, and the Volume up key simultaneously until the device vibrates.
      • After that, release the Power button but continue to press the Home and Volume up key to enter the Android recovery screen.
      • Navigate using the Volume down key to reaching the wipe data/factory reset option. Then press the Power button to select it.
      • Then you have to press the Volume down key to highlight Delete All User data and then again press the Power button to select it.
      • After that, your device will reset and display Reboot System Now, Then just press the Power button to reboot your phone in normal mode.
Note: If your device is not rooted or if the USB debugging is disabled you won’t be able to use MiniTool Mobile Recovery. In that case, you can still use MiniTool Mobile Recovery to restore the data after performing the Factory Reset. Check this article for more information: Solved-How to recover data after Factory Reset Android

Added Information: Back up your Android data regularly

While using an Android device you may experience various types of issues like the Android device is dead, the device won’t turn on, the device becomes bricked likewise. Even some of them won’t interfere with the data on the device, but some definitely will.
So it is always better to backup your data as a habit. Because prevention is always better than cure!
There are several methods to backup your data such as direct transfer of data to the computer or using specific backup software. Similarly you can also back up content, data, and settings from your phone to your Google account.
All you have to do is to choose a method from above and backup!

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