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Samsung Galaxy S8 Charging, Texting and Calling Freezing Issue

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Freezing is a terrible performance issue that leads to firmware but also third-party apps causing cases in lagging the phone and finally freeze for a couple of minutes. Samsung Galaxy S8 being one of the most robust smartphones today assures the hardware, but it is not the same as always start off to freezing. Till the guide adduces a conclusion better to take up each possibility.

Freezing in Safe Mode Checking – Step One
There is a considerable possibility for third-party apps, as said earlier. Therefore, before troubleshooting any other try out third-party apps temporary disability.

• Off the device. Pass the model name press and hold the device’s power key.
• Release the key when SAMSUNG appears.
• Until restarting finishes hold the Volume down key.
• Screen’s left corner at the bottom will display the safe mode and release the Volume down key now.
• The last step is to uninstall problem causing apps.

Search, reset/uninstall problematic apps – Step Two.
Follow the step only if freezes vanished in the phone’s safe mode as evidence enough single or multiple apps are troublesome. Attentively find an installed app before the device’s sluggish movement. Try clearing cache, data, check whether it is necessary to update and still irksome, uninstall.

Swipe home screen’s empty spot up on to open Apps.
Then Settings>> Apps and tap 3 dots icon or chosen application in default list>> Show system apps to view preinstalled apps>> Storage>> Clear cache then tap OK.

It all clears Galaxy S8’s app cache and data.

To update apps,
• swipe up on an empty spot in opening the Apps tray and tap to play store.
• Tap on Menu key>> My Apps.
• For an automatic update, Menu>> Settings>> Auto-update apps to choose the checkbox.
• Select either Update [xx] to update all applications or Individual applications to a single application update.

Uninstallation of an app process is a visit apps tray as previously.
• Settings>> Apps.
• Tap on desired apps or 3 dots icon>> show system apps to display preinstalled apps.
• Tap on the desired app and Uninstall. Make the tap twice to confirm.

Wipe cache partition followed by recovery mode phone reboot – Step Three
This step possibly needs to do only if still freezing unsystematically while in safe mode cause signs a firmware issue. Try wipe system caches first, instead of run after system files and data supposing some of them are tainted.
• Off the device. Press and hold keys Volume Up and Bixby then Power key.
• Release all keys when Android logo displays.
• To highlight “wipe cache partition” several times, press Volume down.
• To select, press the power key.
• To highlight “yes,” press the Volume down and power key to select.
• When the “Reboot system now” highlighted when completed the wipe cache partition.
• Restart the device with the power key.

Backup data and files, then reset phone – Step Four.
Reboot in safe mode again, then backup data and files even freezing up. In returning to factory default, reset the phone and make sure Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is disabled.

Disabling on Galaxy 8 FRP
Open Apps tray. Settings>> Cloud and accounts.
Tap Accounts then Google.
If multiple accounts set, tap on the email address of Google ID. (for each account repeat the steps if you possess multiple accounts setup)
Tap 3 dot icon>> Remove account.

Reset Mobile
Off the device. Together press and hold Volume up and Bixby keys then power key.
Release all when the Android logo appears. Till highlighting “wipe data/factory reset” appears to press Volume down several times and select press power button.
Until it says, “Yes – delete all user data” press volume down.
To select and start a master reset, press the power button.
“Reboot system now” highlights when completed master reset. Now restart the device with the power key.

Device Resetting from Settings Menu
Open Apps tray. Settings>> Cloud and accounts.
Press Backup and restore.
Tap Backup on “my data” and “restore” to move slider On or Off.
Move to the Settings menu. General Management>> Reset>> Factory data reset and tap Reset.
Enter credentials if the screen lock turned on.
Tap Continue>> Delete

Still, the mobile is troublesome; the last step is to bring back to the purchased store or send back to Samsung, letting the technician handle the case. It may take several weeks to reach you again.

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