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Ten simple methods to fix smartphone charging problems at home

  • Ten simple methods to fix smartphone charging problems at home.

Becoming the phone battery and phone chargers short period along with the problem of irregular charging are the common issues at present among smart phones users.

There are bunch of solutions to get such problems fixed at our arms length before stepping service center at once.

Due to such reasons, what we often do is to buy a new battery just thinking the existing one is broken.But, there may be many reasons that a Android phone may not charge in a proper way.

Such as, Faulty cable, chargers, sockets, adapter. We should  examine this type of issues.

  • Charging port:- Being failed to reach the power socket correctly owing to being    loosen charging pins.
  • Software collapse:- Some times charging issue may occur due to software        collapse.Therefore this must be resolves by refreshing or                                    doing formatting.
  • Third – party apps:- Some apps are able to resist the charging process of your    device.
  • Software update:- Some older devices are making it difficult to support new OS  version. Therefore you newly update Android 7.0 / 6.0 in your device. The phone will become charging slowly.

There are many feasible reasons and tricks you can try to fix the phone when it is not charging properly on Android.

1.Clean and fix charging port of your phone.

Make a sharp of examine at the charging port with a flashlight and find when it is clogged with any dust , lints , scraps.Then you can clean the obstacles through the blowing and simply you can compacted air with your lungs.

The other hand, the charging port had been damaged and attain to pass off the connection with the cable.  When the USB cable is always plugged in and out. You can amend the tab in following steps.

  • Step 1 :- The phone battery is removable, then turn off your device and remove the battery.
  • Step 2 :- Get a needle or toothpick then lay the toothpick or needle into a charging port.
  • Step 3 :- Smoothing, take up the tab for a little and takeout the toothpick or needle.
  • Step 4 :- Finally, connect your phone into a charger and make sure it is charging.

2. Try a new cable

It is certain to ask workable Android cable from your friend and replace the cable.You are using since it will help to decide whether you should buy or not a new cable.

It is clear that cables lifespan is shorter than the due devices.Therefore it is time to replace a new cable with good quality to quench the charging problems.

3. Switch to different power source

When the phone isn’t charged from a wall plug adapter, then unplug and connect the device to a charger with original USB cable.

Or when you are charging the smart phone from the computer or laptop try to connect the device to a wall charger or power-bank beacuse, it could be the USB port on the computer or laptop that is injuring and you are trying to get other socket


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