The Real Reasons your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Battery Dies So Fast

Real Reasons why Apple Battery Dies so fast

Under the Heading above, we will discuss the reasons why the iPhone, iPad or iPod battery dies so fast.

1. Push Mail

When your mail is ready to push, it means your iPhone maintains a continuing association to your email server so the server will instantly push the mail to your iPhone as shortly because it arrives. Sounds smart, right? Wrong.

An Apple lead genius explained it to Maine like this: once your iPhone is ready to push, it’s perpetually asking the server, “Is there mail? Is there mail? Is there mail?”, and this flow of knowledge causes your battery to empty terribly quickly. Exchange servers are absolutely the worst offenders, however, everybody will get pleasure from dynamical this setting.

How To Fix Push Mail

To fix this drawback, we’re aiming to amendment your iPhone from push to fetch. You’ll save plenty of battery life by telling your iPhone to examine for brand spanking new mail each quarter-hour rather than all the time. Your iPhone can perpetually check for brand spanking new mail whenever you open the Mail app.

1. Go to Settings -> Accounts & Passwords -> Fetch New knowledge.
2. Turn off Push at the highest.
3. Scroll to very cheap and opt for every 15 minutes under Fetch.
4. Tap on every individual email account and, if potential, amendment it to Fetch.

iphone battery dies so fast

Most people agree that waiting many minutes for associate degree email to arrive is well worth the important improvement in your iPhone’s battery life.

2. Put off inessential Location Services

Location Services are a part of what makes the iPhone such a good device, thus I’d prefer to be clear: I don’t suggest that you simply put off Location Services entirely.

I’ll show you the hidden services that perpetually drain your battery, and I’m willing to bet you’ve ne’er even detected of most of them. I feel it’s vital for you to decide on that programs and services will access your location, particularly given the many batteries drains and private privacy problems that escort your iPhone, right out of the box.

How to Fix Location Services

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services.

Phase 2: Press on Share My Location. If you would like to be able to share your location together with your family and friends within the Messages app, then leave this on, however, be careful: If somebody needed to trace you, this is often however they’d bed.

Step 3: Scroll all the thanks to very cheap and faucet System Services. Let’s clear up a typical thought right away: Most of those settings are all regarding causation knowledge to Apple for selling and analysis. After we flip them off, your iPhone can still operate even as it perpetually has.

 3.1: Turn off everything on the page except Emergency SOS, realize My iPhone (so you’ll be able to find it if it’s lost) and Motion standardization & Distance (if you’d prefer to use your iPhone as a measuring device – otherwise, flip that off too). Your iPhone can work precisely because it had before. The compass can still work and you’ll hook up with cell towers simply fine — it’s simply that Apple won’t be receiving knowledge regarding your behavior.

3.2: Tap on important Locations. Did you recognize your iPhone has been trailing you all over you go? You’ll be able to imagine the surplus strain this puts on your battery. I like to recommend you switch off important Locations. Tap < System Services to return to the main System Services menu.

3.3: Turn off all the switches underneath Product Improvement. These solely send info to assist Apple to improve its product, not create your iPhone run a lot of efficiencies.

3.4: Scroll to the down and switch on Status Bar Icon. That way, you’ll apprehend your location is getting used once a touch arrow seems next to your battery. If that arrow is on all the time, there’s in all probability one thing wrong. Tap < Location Services to return to the main System Services menu.

4. Turn off Location Services for apps that don’t ought to apprehend wherever you’re.

# What you would like to know: If you see a purple arrow next to an app, it’s mistreatment your location currently. A gray arrow suggests that it’s used your location at intervals the last twenty-four hours and a purple-outlined arrow suggests that it’s employing a geofence (more regarding Geofences later).

# Pay for concentration to any apps that have purple or gray arrows next to them. Do these apps ought to apprehend your location to work? If they are doing, that’s completely fine – leave them alone. If they don’t, faucet on the name of the app and opt for never to prevent the app from unnecessarily debilitating your battery.

A Word regarding Geofencing

A geofence could be a virtual perimeter around a location. Apps use geofencing to send you alerts after you make or depart from a destination. It’s a decent plan, except for geofencing to figure, your iPhone should perpetually use GPS to raise, “Where am I? wherever am I? wherever am I?”

I don’t suggest mistreatment apps that use geofencing or location-based alerts are attributable to the number of cases I’ve seen wherever folks couldn’t create it through a full day without having to charge their iPhone – and geofencing was the explanation.

5. Don’t Send iPhone Analytics (Diagnostics & Usage Data)


Here’s a fast one: Head to Settings -> Privacy, scroll to very cheap, and open Analytics. put off the switch next to Share iPhone Analytics and Share iCloud Analytics to prevent your iPhone from mechanically causation knowledge to Apple regarding however you utilize your iPhone.

Share iphone analytics

6. Shut Out Your Apps

Once a day or two, it’s a decent plan to shut out your apps. in an exceedingly good world, you’d never do that and most Apple staff can never say you must. however the planet of iPhones isn’t good — if it were, you wouldn’t be reading this text.

Apps Don’t shut once I return to the Home Screen?

A lot of battery drain problems occur once the associate degree app is meant to shut however doesn’t. Instead, the app crashes within the background and your iPhone battery beings to empty while not you even knowing it.

A blooming app may also cause your iPhone to urge hot. If that’s happening to you, examine my article referred to as Why will My iPhone Get Hot? to seek out out why and fix it permanently.

How To shut Out Your Apps


Double-click on the Home Button and you’ll see the iPhone app oppressor. The app oppressor permits you to envision all the apps that are kept within the memory of your iPhone. To flick through the list, swipe left or right together with your finger. I bet you’ll be shocked by what percentage apps are open!

To close the associate degree app, use your finger to swipe up on the app and push it off the highest of the screen. Currently, you’ve very closed the app and it can’t drain your battery within the background. Closing out your apps ne’er deletes knowledge or causes any negative side-effects – it will solely assist you to get far better battery life.

How Do I come to know If Apps are blooming On My iPhone? Everything appears Fine!


If you’d like proof, move to Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics -> Analytics knowledge. It’s not essentially a foul factor if the associate degree app is listed here, however, if you see plenty of entries for a constant app or any apps listed underneath Latest Crash, you would possibly have a drag thereupon app.

The App Closing Dilemma

Recently, I’ve seen articles that say closing out your apps is truly harmful to iPhone battery life. My article referred to as Is Closing iPhone Apps a foul Idea? No, And Here’s Why. explains each side of the story, and why closing out your apps very could be a smart plan after you explore the large image.

7. Notifications: Only use when it is required

When you enable associate degree app to send you Push Notifications, you’re giving that app permission to stay running within the background so if one thing happens that you simply care regarding (like receiving a short message or your dearest team winning a game), that app will send you notification of aware of to keep you updated always.

Notifications are smart, however, they are doing drain battery life. We want to be notified after we receive text messages, however, it’s vital for the U.S. to decide on that different apps are allowed to send U.S. notifications.

How To Fix Notifications


Go to Settings -> Notifications and you’ll see an inventory of all of your apps. Beneath the name of every app, you’ll see either off or the sort of notifications that app is allowed to send you: Badges, Sounds, or Banners. Ignore the apps that say Off and take a glance through the list. As you go, raise yourself this question: “Do I want to receive alerts from this app once it’s not open?”

If the solution is affirmative, leave everything because it is. It’s completely fine to permit some apps to advise you. If the solution is not any, it’s a decent plan to show off notifications for that app.

In order to turn off notifications, press the name of the app and switch off the switch next to permit Notifications. There are different choices here too, however they don’t have an effect on your iPhone’s battery life. It solely matters if notifications are off or on.

8. Put off The Widgets You Don’t Use


Widgets are very little “mini-apps” that frequently run within the background of your iPhone to provide you quick access to up-to-date info from your favorite apps. Over time, you’ll save a big quantity of battery life by turning off the widgets you don’t use. If you ne’er use them, it’s okay to flip all off.

To access your widgets, faucet the house button to travel to your iPhone’s Home screen and swipe from left to right till you get to widgets. Then, scroll down and faucet the circular Edit button. Here you’ll see an inventory of the widgets you’ll be able to add or take away on your

Reasons for iPhone battery dies so fast


9. Put off Your Phone once every week (The Right Way)

It’s an easy tip however vital nonetheless: Turning your iPhone off and back on once more once every week will resolve hidden battery-life problems that accumulate with time. Apple would ne’er tell you that as a result of in iPhone Utopia, it wouldn’t.

In the universe, powering off your iPhone will facilitate resolve problems with apps that have crashed or different, a lot of technical issues that will occur once any laptop has been on for a protracted time.

A word of warning: Don’t hold down the ability button and therefore the home button at a constant time to pack up your iPhone. this is often referred to as a “hard reset”, and will solely be used once completely necessary. It’s reminiscent of powering off a PC by propulsion the plug out of the wall.

How to put off Your iPhone (The Right Way)

To power off your iPhone, press and hold the ability button till “slide to power off” seems. Swipe the circular power icon across the screen together with your finger and wait as your iPhone shuts down. It’s traditional for the method to require many seconds. Next, flip your iPhone back on by pressing and holding the ability button till you see the Apple emblem seem.

10. Background App Refresh

Certain apps on your iPhone are allowed to use your Wi-Fi or cellular knowledge association to transfer new content even once you’re not mistreatment them. you’ll be able to save a big quantity of battery life (and a number of your knowledge plan) by limiting the number of apps that are allowed to use this feature that Apple calls the Background App Refresh.

How to Fix Background App Refresh

Go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh. At the top, you’ll see an electric switch that turns off Background App Refresh entirely. I don’t suggest you are doing this, as a result of Background App Refresh are often a decent factor sure as shooting apps. If you’re like Maine, you’ll be able to put off nearly every app on the list.

As you scroll through every app, raise yourself this question: “Do I need this app to be able to transfer new info even once I’m not mistreatment it?” If the solution is affirmative, leave Background App Refresh enabled. If not, flip it off and you’ll be saving a lot of battery life anytime you are doing.

Background app refresh

11. Keep your iPhone Cool

According to Apple, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod are designed to figure from thirty-two degrees to ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees to thirty-five degrees celsius). What they don’t perpetually tell you is that exposing your iPhone to temperatures on top of ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit will for good injury your battery.

If it’s a hot day and you’re going for a walk, don’t worry regarding it — you’ll be fine. What we’re talking regarding here is prolonged exposure to extreme heat. ethical of the story: rather like your dog, don’t leave your iPhone in an exceedingly hot automobile. (But if you had to decide on, save the dog).

Can weather condition injury my iPhone Battery?

Low temperatures won’t injury your iPhone battery, however, one thing will happen: The colder it gets, the quicker your battery level drops. If the temperature gets low enough, your iPhone may clean up entirely, however, once it warms up once more, your iPhone and battery level ought to come back to traditional.

12. Certify Auto-Lock Is Turned On

One fast thanks to forestalling battery iPhone battery drain is by ensuring auto-lock is turned on. Open the Settings app and faucet show & Brightness -> Auto-Lock. Then, choose any possibility aside from Never! this is often the quantity of your time you’ll be able to leave your iPhone on before the show turns off and goes into sleep mode.turn on auto-lock

13. Disable inessential Visual Effects


iPhones are lovely, from the hardware to the software system. we tend to perceive the essential plan of producing the hardware elements, however, what permits the software system to show such lovely images? within your iPhone, a little piece of hardware designed into the logic board referred to as a Graphics process Unit (or GPU) offers your iPhone the ability to show its lovely visual effects.

The problem with GPUs is that they’ve perpetually been power-hungry. The adorer the visual effects, the quicker the battery dies. By reducing the strain on your iPhone’s GPU, we are able to considerably increase the lifetime of your battery. Ever since iOS twelve was discharged, you’ll be able to accomplish everything I wont to suggest in an exceedingly few totally different tips by dynamical one setting in an exceeding place you most likely wouldn’t assume to appear.

Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Motion -> cut back Motion and faucet the switch to show it on.

Reduce unnecessary visual effect

Aside from the optical phenomenon wallpaper impact on the house screen, you most likely won’t notice any variations and you’ll save a big quantity of battery life.

14. Activate/Turn on Optimized Battery Charging

Optimized Battery charging lets your iPhone study your charging habits to chop down on battery aging. we tend to suggest turning on this setting thus you’ll be able to get the foremost out of your iPhone battery for an extended amount of your time.

Open Settings and faucet Battery -> Battery Health. Then, activate the switch next to Optimize Battery Charging.

15. DFU Restore & Restore From iCloud, Not iTunes

At now, you’ve waited each day or 2 and your battery life still hasn’t improved. It’s time to revive your iPhone. We tend to suggest doing a DFU restore. once the restore is finished, we tend to suggest restoring from associate degree iCloud backup if you’ll be able to.

Let us clear: affirmative, you would like to use iTunes to revive your iPhone — there’s a no different approach. We’re talking regarding the approach you place your knowledge back on your iPhone once it’s been renovated to manufactory settings.

Some folks are confused regarding precisely once it’s safe to disconnect your iPhone from your laptop. As shortly as you see the ‘Hello’ screen on your iPhone or ‘Set Up Your iPhone’ in iTunes, it’s completely safe to disconnect your iPhone.

Next, use the menus on your phone to attach to Wi-Fi and restore from your iCloud backup. If you’ve been having hassle backing up to iCloud and particularly if you’re run out of storage, examine my article that’s all regarding a way to fix iCloud backup.

Aren’t iCloud Backups and iTunes Backups primarily The Same?

Yes, iCloud backups and iTunes backups do contain primarily constant content. the explanation I like to recommend mistreatment iCloud is that it takes your laptop and any issues it should have utterly out of the image.

16. Erase Your iPhone And Set It Up As New

If you’ve tried completely everything and you’re still having hassle, you will have a deeply-rooted software system issue which will solely be resolved by restoring your iPhone to manufacturer settings and setting it up once more as if it were current.

It’s not all unhealthy. You’ll add your iCloud and different mail accounts to your iPhone as you set it up. Your contacts, calendars, notes, reminders, and bookmarks ar usually keep in those accounts, thus all of that info ought to come back right back.

What you’ll do is redownload your apps, reconfigure Wifi and different settings, and transfer your photos and music back to your iPhone. It’s not that abundant work, however, it will take it slow to urge everything back the approach you wish it.

To restore your iPhone to manufacturer settings, open Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings. Enter your passcode, then faucet Erase iPhone to verify your call.

17. You May Have A Hardware drawback (But it would Not Be The Battery)

At the starting of this text, I discussed that the overwhelming majority of problems associated with iPhone battery life come back from a software system, and that’s completely true. There are many instances wherever a hardware issue will cause issues, however, in nearly every case the matter isn’t with the battery.

Drops and spills will cause injury to internal elements that are concerned in charging or maintaining the charge on your iPhone. The battery itself is meant to be quite resilient, as a result of if it were pierced, it may quite virtually explode.

When you bring your iPhone to associate degree Apple Store to be maintained, Apple techs run a fast diagnostic that reveals a good quantity of data regarding the health of your iPhone. one among these medical specialties could be a battery take a look at, and it’s pass/fail. all told my time at Apple, I feel I saw a complete of 2 iPhones with batteries that failed to pass that take a look at — and that I saw plenty of iPhones.

If your iPhone passes the battery take a look at, and there’s a ninety-nine probability it’ll, Apple won’t replace your battery even though you’re underneath guaranteed. If you haven’t already taken the steps I’ve to delineate during this article, they’ll send you home to try and do them. If you’ve got done what I’ve prompt, you’ll be able to say, “I tried that already, and it didn’t work.”

If you actually wish to exchange Your Battery


If you’re certain you’ve got electric battery drawback and you’re searching for a less-expensive battery replacement service than Apple, I like to recommend Puls, a repair service that may come back to you at your home or workplace and replace your battery whereas you wait, in as very little as a half-hour.

In Conclusion

I sincerely hope that you simply have enjoyed reading and learned from this text. Writing it’s been a labor of affection, and I’m grateful for every person who reads it and passes it on to their friends. If you’d prefer to, leave a comment below — I’d like to hear from you.

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