Magisk App 23.0 (Magisk Manager) Latest Version for Android

Magisk App 23.0 (Magisk Manager) Latest Version for Android

You've come to the right site if you're looking for a Magisk manager and Magisk flashable zip. Because the latest versions of Magisk flashable zip and Magisk Manager are available in this guide. In addition, you'll learn how to install Magisk and root Android using Magisk on Android phones.

What exactly is Magisk?

Topjohnwu has released Magisk for Android devices, an all-in-one root solution. A user may just quickly and effectively root an Android phone with magisk.

You can not only root your phone using Magisk, but you will also be able to experience a plethora of other features like MagiskSU, Magisk Hide, and managing root permissions for third-party apps, among others. The amazing thing about Magisk is that it enables you to root Android and enjoy personalized MODs while you leave Google Play Services and other primary features alone.

A 'systemless' root technique, Magisk is known as it functions without touching the system or booting partitions. This is why Magisk is easier and safer to use than any other method of rooting an Android device.

Magisk is the most often used Android rooting tool. You just can't root Magisk's phone. You will also be able to manage root permissions, change apps without affecting system files, remove kernel features such as dm-verity and force encrypt, and add third-party functionality via Magisk Modules. So please continue reading this text if you wish to make use of all these perks.

Magisk App

Because it conducts Android rooting without touching the system partition or altering the boot partition, Magisk is known as the “systemless” root method. Other popular rooting methods, such as KingRoot and Zroot, do not function in this manner. They even put software and spyware on our phones. As a result, this is one of the most compelling reasons to root your Android device with Magisk.

So now, let's go into detail about the Magisk features.

Open-Source & Free

Magisk is FOSS classified (free and open-source software). Anyone from anywhere in the globe can use Magisk to root their Android device for free.

Mount of Magic

This is the most important feature that distinguishes Magisk as the best approach to root Android smartphones. Because magisk offers a Systemless interface, the system (or vendor) can be altered at a time when all partitions remain intact.


MagiskSu is the primary functionality for magisk to work as a root solution. This also helps Magisk to achieve SuperSU standards and the feelings of the creator.


A lot of applications have now started root device verification and customization. To avoid them, therefore. This is another important feature to help you. This allows users to conceal the root status of the device from the services they specify.

Modules Archive

Magisk is a program based on a module. Every person can therefore adjust his or her equipment easily. This Modules Repo has dozens of modules that can be used to improve your Android user and customizing experience

Magisk 22.0 — A Significant Update

Since its first release, Magisk 22.0 has been a significant release. The Magisk has undergone a variety of alterations as a result of the most recent upgrade. The user won't see the Magisk Manager App any longer because the developer said it was dead.

Moreover, no standalone program or flashable zip files would be available. Now the developer has integrated them into one single, multi-purpose file bundle. The rooting procedure is also entirely disabled.

Let us then look at Magisk 22.0's highlights:

  • Magisk Manager's Magisk app was renamed.
  • Magisk Manager and Magisk Flashable Zip have been combined into one file bundle.
  • The entire rooting and unrooting process are now completely offline.
  • You may now use the same file package to install Magisk, flash Magisk, and uninstall Magisk through TWRP Recovery.

Magisk App 23.0 (Magisk Manager) for Android is available for download.

Magisk-v23.0.apk is the file name.

Version number: 23.0

6.56 MB in size

Download Magisk App

Previous Versions of Magisk Manager

Download the Magisk ZIP archive (Flashable ZIP)

The developer 'John Wu' has mered the Magisk Manager with the current and all-new Magisk App in the recent Magisk 22.0 version. The Magisk Manager and Magisk Zip are no longer displayed individually. You can not prevent Magisk through the flashing method from installing it.

Users can now use the same file package for flashing once the file extension has been renamed from Magisk-v23.0.apk to To remove magisk, rename the same file package for throughout the flashing procedure.

In general, it follows that you can use the same file package in many different ways based on your preferences.

For your convenience, we renamed the package and given a link below to download the ZIP file and Uninstaller of Magisk Flashable.

Download Magisk ZIP

NOTE: The file above is legit and contains no malware. You can get the package from the page Github, and rename the package if you have any doubts. It was our task to make this known to you.


Q: What exactly is Magisk root?

Ans: Magisk Root is a straightforward one-click root solution for Android smartphones. It makes Android rooting simple, quick, and effective.

Q: What exactly is Magisk Hide?

Ans: Magisk Hide is a fantastic Magisk feature that allows the user to hide root from various apps that do not work on a rooted Android smartphone.

Q: What powers does Magisk have?

Ans. Magisk enables users to root Android without modifying the device's partitions. You may use Magisk to disguise root and install numerous modules.

Q- Does rooting void an Android phone's warranty?

Ans. Rooting Android devices do, indeed, breach the manufacturer's warranty. However, you may relock the bootloader and unroot the device to recover the warranty.

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