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14 Best WordPress Security Scanners for Detecting Malware and Hacks


One of the latest days a customer of our site asked is there a user-friendly method to ensure the website is free with viruses, hacks, and threats. If you have any doubt there is a hacker to your website, a quick WordPress security scan is the best solution for that. So you can get sufficient knowledge about some of the greatest WordPress security scanners by reading this article.

Best WordPress vulnerability scanners

What WordPress Security and malware Scanners Can do?

A malware scanner is a very common method to identify well-known threats that affect the security of the website. As an example, it can track hateful codes, unsure links & redirects, WordPress version, etc.

But the problem is these scanners have limited access to enter your WordPress database,  user accounts, WordPress settings, plugins, and more. Because of that, they cannot conduct test runs.

Hackers have an easy way to enter invisibly and disguise malicious code. The best solution for this problem is Sucuri’s web application firewall. Sucuri’s web application firewall is a one of best fully secured website service which can track and neutralizes any hateful code before entering to your website.

For ensuring the 100 % security of your WordPress site, follow our WordPress security guide regularly to keep your website secure.

Let’s discuss some of the best WordPress vulnerability scanners which can practice for you.

1. Sucuri SiteCheck    

Sucuri SiteCheck

Sucuri SiteCheck is the best WordPress firewall and online security service tool. It gives fully checkup to your website by searching malicious code, spam injection, website defacement any many others.

And also it checks your website by using different subjected blacklist tools such as Google Safe Browsing. It goes through pages that linked to the URL which you entered and scan quickly to give better customer service.


2 . IsltWP Security Scanner 

IsItWP Security Scanner

IsltWP Security Scanner offers a rapid checking facility to your WordPress website for malware and other security vulnerabilities. This also governed by Sucuri and good service of ensuring the protection of your website by stepwise instructions.

It also checks your website by using different subjected blacklist tools such as Google Safe Browsing.

 3. Google Safe Browsing

Google Safe Browsing

Google‘s Safe Browsing tool authorizes you to identify an URL that is considered unsafe for visiting by Google. Further, billions of URLs are examined by Google and if it realized that website is affected by malware, then they point it as unsafe to enter.

This directly damages your website’s reputation because when users searching through Google Chrome or Google search and access your website it displays a warning page.

If you use Google Search Console, then you can track if your website is marked as unsafe and can get instructions on how to remove the warning.

4. WPScans


WPScans help to track many known vulnerabilities and unclear code on your website. They carry out a guide of vulnerabilities identified by their system and check your website by it.

And also it tries to identify your WordPress version, installed plugins, and robots.txt files. Scanned results are displayed in a user-friendly manner to understand by enough explanation separately.


5 . ScanWP


ScanWP is a WordPress vulnerability scanner at the basic level. If you are using the latest version then it can detect your WordPress version as the latest one. It can detect the WordPress generator tag and is where your site is displayed or not in that.

The generator tag can use to find out which WordPress version you are practicing present. Some security expert have an idea generator tag helps to hacks easily to your website. So that they recommended removing the WordPress generator tag.


6. WordPress Security Scan

WordPress Security Scan

WordPress Security Scan conducts test runs to detect your WordPress plugins, usernames, WordPress version, active theme, etc. They put your website on the Google Safe Browsing index to confirm your website is not blacklisted.

It gives a brief explanation of each item on your site via a detailed report. These items can be explained as famous WordPress security best habits like using the latest version of WordPress and keeping your plugins updated.


7. wprecon 


Wprecon is a basic WordPress vulnerability scanner that can identify the WordPress version to decide whether you need to update or not and identify installed WordPress plugins by checking the Google Safe Browsing index.

It also uses to scan for directory indexing, theme path detection, external links, iframes, and JavaScripts. The outcome of the scan can get into well organize format with a brief explanation for each item.

8. Quttera


If you want to scan suspicious files, malicious code, iframe embeds, redirects, and external links in your website the best tool is Quttera.

It examined your website in domain databases such as Google Safe Browsing, Malware Domain List, PhishTank, etc. You can get the status of the scan by clicking different sections in a detailed report.


9. Web Inspector

Web Inspector

Web Inspector is an online website protective scanner that can be used to check your WordPress site. As a first step, it checks your website in Google Safe Browsing and Comodo analysts indexes. Then it scans for malware downloads, drive-by malware, suspicious code resembling a WordPress backdoor, worm, Trojan, iframes, suspicious scripts, and files.

10. WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

This tool is for testing your

WordPress site for well-known website vulnerability indicators.

It scans your WordPress version, positioning plugin, and themes, observes for plugins with famous vulnerabilities.

It offers other scanning tools also for identifying a website with ensuring security.

11. UpGuard Cloud Scanner

UpGuard Cloud Scanner

UpGuard Cloud Scanner is used to scan your website for security risks. In the first step, they check your domain’s records, DNS, open ports, and mail settings. Your domain name can be hijacked by domain and server-based hackers and misuse it for spending spam or malware.

Finally, it seems to be known as malicious code, malware patterns, suspicious links, and phishing attempts. The result of scanning can get a user-friendly format.


12 . urlquery URL Scanner

urlquery URL Scanner

A very famous method among hackers and malware is sending your website to a spam website. And also this cannot be identified long time period.

In this tool, it checks whether it is redirecting to the users, initiates malware downloads, set cookies, etc. With this information, you can get further ideas about your website security.

13. VirusTotal


VirusTotal also can be used to check URLs for security vulnerabilities and malware. It examines your website in more than 12 of malware databases and gives a detailed sheet.


14. Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web can be practiced to identify security threats for your WordPress site. Symantec’s advanced detection technologies are used to find out malware, phishing, and spam patterns.

Computer threats, recognize threats, and annoyance factors will be displayed as a result. So you can get knowledge of what are unsafe factors and fix the problems.

We are pretty sure this article is helped you to get enough knowledge about some of the best WordPress vulnerability scanners. If you want to visit our beginner’s guide on fixing a hacked WordPress site.

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