7 Luxurious Private Jet Trips Taking You Around the World

Luxurious Private Jet Trips

There is no doubt about it: flying a private jet is the pinnacle of luxury travel and the only way to go—provided you have the means. Jet-setting by private plane has become increasingly popular among the wealthy in recent years. who value privacy and avoidance of crowds above all else.

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Even though the pandemic is over, the interest in the subject does not appear to be waning. “People are finding that flying private is seamless, especially now that commercial flight schedules haven't returned to pre-COVID levels,” says Brie Shelley, owner of the eponymous luxury travel business in Boston.

According to Shelley, the industry is well aware of the demand for this exclusive mode of transportation. As a result, there will be a flood of additional private jet excursions available later this year and into the next.

Do you plan to see medieval villages in Montenegro, go on a gorilla trek in Rwanda, or try your hand at arctic kayaking? They're all part of the itineraries we've compiled below, where the travel is just as important as the activities on the ground.

Luxurious Private Jet Trips
One of the hidden stops on Abercrombie & Kent's 23-day cultural adventure. 

With Abercrombie and Kent around the world

Next spring, Abercrombie & Kent will offer a 23-day Cultural Treasures: Around the World by Private Jet. The journey begins in Seattle and ends in Taiwan. where you may stroll through a marble gorge in Taroko National Park and learn about Taipei's combination of modernity and culture. A helicopter journey over Mount Everest in Nepal is another highlight. In Bhutan, there's a climb up to Tiger's Nest Monastery, while in India, there's a tour of the Taj Mahal. Finish your journey in Palermo, where you may take a vintage Italian sports vehicle out for a spin around the countryside. The dates are May 28–June 19, 2022. Starting at $136,000 per person.

From Greece to Morocco, with Aman Resorts along the way

When you book this eight-night trip with Remote Lands, you'll get a special discount. On an Airbus plane with a capacity of 130 passengers, you're one of just 16 passengers. Not only that, but each trip includes a stay at an Aman resort. Also included is a private driver and guide to show you around. Relaxing on Greece's picturesque Peloponnese beaches, for example, is a popular diversion. Visiting historic villages in Montenegro and shopping in Marrakech's souks. The dates are October 23–31, 2021. The cost per person is $47,888.

Luxurious Private Jet Trips
The dreamy Kyoto scape stop at Four Seasons' World of Adventure trip.

With the Four Seasons Private Jet, embark on a world of adventures.

World of Adventures 2022 is returning to Four Seasons. This itinerary, which visits eight countries in 24 days, has been a major hit with tourists in previous years. Trekking to view gorillas in Rwanda, meditating at sunset while overlooking the ocean in Seychelles, exploring temples in Kyoto, and sailing in the Galapagos Islands are just a few of the activities available. The service will be impeccable, and the accommodations will be among the best the destination has to offer, in true Four Seasons fashion. The dates are May 3–26, 2022. Starting at $180,000 per person.

Luxurious Private Jet Trips
Land beachside with Advent Jet and Kamalame Cay's five-night trip. 

A Sun-Kissed Bahamas Getaway With Private Jet

Atlantis Paradise Island, Advent Jets, and Kamalame Cay have teamed up to provide a five-night package that includes flights from the United States to Nassau for up to eight people. The vacation includes a stay in the Sapphire Suite at the Cove. a day trip to the private island of Kamalame Cay; a luxurious beachside cabana daily; an eight-course dinner at Michelin-starred chef José Andrés's Fish restaurant; an omakase and sake dinner at Nobu; and an eight-course dinner at Michelin-starred chef José Andrés's Fish restaurant. Throughout your visit, a personal butler will be available to assist you. Dates are flexible. Starting at $150,000. Call 1-800-ATLANTIS to make a reservation.

Luxurious Private Jet Trips
Spend a night at the Singita Kataza house lounge as part of ROAR Africa's six-night journey. 

Safari and Gorilla Trek | Rwanda

One of the most prestigious companies in Africa is Roar Africa. That is how trips to the continent are sold. In collaboration with the aircraft business, VistaJet offers private end-to-end travel from any city in the world to certain nations. A six-night journey to Rwanda is one example. where visitors begin with a traditional safari in Akagera National Park and then get active with a gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park. Stays at the top camps in the country and meals and transfers are all included. Dates are flexible. Based on eight travelers, prices start at $65,000 per person.

Embrace adventure on Luxaviation’s five-day cruise in the Antarctic. Pictured is the Polar front expedition vessel. Photo: Tommy Simonsen/Polar front

Cruise to Find Polar Bears | Arctic

Luxaviation Amazing Trips is a series of high-end vacations across the world via private jet offered by the private aircraft operator Luxaviation. One example is a five-day cruise to Spitsbergen, an island in the Arctic Ocean. The sailing trip provides an opportunity to see spectacular scenery such as ice fields and glaciers and species such as polar bears, walruses, and seals. Active trips such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking are also available. Dates are flexible. Based on eight people vacationing together, prices start at $22,400 per person.

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TCS's Wine and Wellness in Kawaii balance the vineyards with wellness offerings. 

In Hawaii, Oregon, and California, wine and wellness go hand in hand.

TCS World Travel is noted for its high-end all-inclusive private jet trips. In the United States, this is giving a 10-day wine and wellness small group adventure. Begin your journey in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, where you'll meet renowned winemakers. Also, go to the wineries that genuine oenophiles rave about. Travel to Hawaii, where you will stay at the Four Seasons Resort. Spa treatments, exercise courses, a wellness consultation, and a sunset cruise are all available in Lanai. Stay at Montage Healdsburg in Sonoma to round out your trip. You'll be able to try some of the top wines in the area. And, at SingleThread, you may enjoy multicourse delectable dinners. A farm-to-table restaurant that is widely recognized as one of the greatest in the United States. The dates are August 25–September 3, 2021. Starting at $49,500 per person.

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