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This advice is especially for the owners of Android. If your device turned off on its own after getting wet, NEVER try to turn it on. That might make things worse. Though the circuit boards have very minute protection against moist usually a drop of water doesn't damage the chips severely causing troublesome hardware issues including permanent hard bricking. Read More - Tap and pay your supermarket bill using Android Device

As you already know, water damage is very unpredictable. The device may get wet today and the issue can appear even after weeks. That's why some of the users have reported that their device just turned off and won't turn back on or the "black screen of death" error.

Additionally, as an owner of the Smartphone, you should know what to do and what not when your device gets wet, starts to function differently, and turned off after getting underwater pictures. And you have to keep in mind that liquid damage doesn't cover by the warranty. So the problem shouldn't be ignored. Read the full article as I will explain all the things in the simplest possible way. Read More -  increase RAM on Android device

Step 1: Turn off the phone immediately/ do not turn it back on

When your Android submerged in water, three possible things can happen.

  1. It might not be catching the moisture especially if all the ports are secured
  2. The device might stay on with randomly dimming screen out of flickers
  3. And also the phone might turn off

You are very lucky if the device continues to function without any problem. But make sure to observe it for about a week to see any unusual things like random reboots or shutdowns. If there are some unusual things somehow the moisture has entered. You have to get a device clean up immediately to prevent further damage. Read More - Adding IR sensor for your Android | As TV/AC Remote

If the phone is showing any signs of possible moisture damage such as flickering screen, random dimming of the display, random reboots and shutdowns likewise, turn off the phone immediately. Electricity and water don't go along, and when they do your device will be trapped in a crossfire.

And if your Android turned off the moment it got contact with water, DO NOT turn it back. This is a protective mechanism when there is a short circuit. If you attempt to turn on again, several components may get damaged. Finding the damaged component is not easy. And determining that it is fixable or not is even harder. The replacement of the damaged part is even worse. Because only a few expert technicians can do that. Read More - how to Connect Pen drive to your Android.

Step 2: Never attempt to charge the water damaged Device

As we advised you not to turn on the phone just after the water contact, we strongly recommend you NEVER attempt to charge the device as that will damage both the charger and the phone due to a short circuit. I hope you don't want to be in that situation.
Usually if there is a short circuit somewhere, the Android and the charger heats up causing damage or even explode. [image3]

Step 3: Do not shake the Android Device, unmount both SIM and MicroSD cards instead

Shaking will facilitate the movement of water in both inward and outward directions. It will aggravate the problem. So the best option is to unmount and remove the SIM card and SD card. Because both of them are easily damaged by water. Read More - Save The Mobile Data On Android Mobile

Step 4: Hold the Device upright

As there are no ports in the sides of the device and also the 3.5 mm headphone jack has a little opening from the inside. So there is a chance that the water will enter through the USB or utility port and flow out.
And please keep in mind NOT to use a hairdryer to dry out the phone. Because water, when trapped inside can't escape after evaporating only. Usually disassembling will be done before using hot air. Read More - increase internal storage on your android device [image4]

Step 5: Put the Device in a bowl of rice

If you can't reach a technician, remove any third party cases if there are any and put the Device in a bowl of rice.
As rice grains are a very good water absorbent and even a faster absorber than a piece of cloth. If you won't be able to reach a technician within a day or two we suggest you leave the Device buried in rice for that time. [image5]

After that you can try turning on the phone and see if there are any signs of water damage. So that you can decide whether you want a repair or not.

So to wind up the article, I must say that the above steps will surely work for cases with minor liquid damage. Even the technicians follow these methods. But they have specific tools for that.
So, if your Device had water damage, try these steps and then go for an authorized technician for tech support.

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