Automate Your Home With Smart Devices


Your home is the most important thing in your life. You do a lot of things to protect it, don't you? You build walls around the house, raise dogs to stop thieves, don't you? But can you be satisfied that you did? You go to work every day, you spend a lot of days away from home on vacation. So how do you take care of your home from afar?

Did you ever think you could control your home with the smart devices you have? Yes, you can. We call it Home Automation. You know the world is improving day by day. Home automation means you can control your home appliances using your smartphone and wifi technology.

In this article we are going to introduce you to a few smart devices that make your home tasks easier.

Home Security System

Have you ever been out of your house and been waiting to see your house from where you were? You can watch your home security 24 hours a day through an app from your smartphone. When detecting an unusual movement in your home, it alerts you via your smartphone.

Automate Your Home With Smart Devices

And when you're not at home, a window opens or an object sounds loud, you are notified by a call, text message, or email. You can also view your homes with video footage. Read more>>

Smart Garden System

Would you like to keep your garden beautiful? Many people spend a lot of money to keep their garden beautiful. You don't have to do that anymore. Using smart technology, you can customize your garden to your liking.

Automate Your Home With Smart Devices

Smart garden devices include four main components: sensors, sprinklers, robot lawnmowers, and lighting. They monitor the soil quality of your garden (for example, soil temperature, pH, moisture levels, and nutrients, etc.) and show you what crops should be planted. They will also study the weather, climate and environment of your surroundings and inform you when to plant seeds and how to provide water. You can also make your garden lawn mower easier with these devices. Read More>>

Smart Plug and Smart Outlets

You don't need to spend much to make your home high tech. Now there is a new solution for that too. There is now a way to easily turn your home appliances, and other electrical appliances into smart devices and manage them through your smartphone.

Automate Your Home With Smart Devices

How do you convert ordinary devices to smart devices? Smart plugs are for this. These plug directly into your existing power strip or wall outlet and then connect the device you want to automate. Read More>>

Smart Thermostat

What if you forgot to turn off the thermostat when you left the house? You have to come home to turn this off if you stop doing what you're doing, right? And it costs too, right? That's the smart thermostat for you now.

Automate Your Home With Smart Devices

A smart thermostat lets you control the temperature of your home from anywhere on your smartphone. A Smart thermostat can pre-heat / cool your home before you come home from somewhere. A WiFi-connected thermostat can completely control the temperature of your home. Read More>>

Smart Irrigation Controller

Imagine you are away from home for a few days. Who will water the plants in your garden? The plants may be dead when you return. You don't have to be afraid of it now. A smart irrigation controller has been introduced for this purpose.

Automate Your Home With Smart Devices

If you are looking for a Wi-Fi watering system, here is the best solution. This will enable you to water the plants in your garden from anywhere. Read More>>

Smart Android Home Locker

Are you in the habit of locking the door with a key and hiding it somewhere? Or leave it to the neighbor. Or take it with you, right? What if you lose your key?

Automate Your Home With Smart Devices

A smart lock is a must-have for your home. Because it's not the kind of key that should always be protected as a traditional key. when you are not home, you can find out who came to your house and when. Often a system like this can open and close the doors using a smartphone. Otherwise, you can unlock and lock the doors of your home using the voice command.

Suppose you forgot to lock the doors of your home for some reason. With your smartphone you can easily lock all the doors of your home wherever you are. Using geofencing technology automatically locks all the doors in your home when you move a certain distance from your home. Read More>>

Smart Aquarium Controller

Imagine you are going somewhere for a few days. How do you provide food and oxygen for the fish you raise in your home? How do the plants in the fish tank control the temperature required for corrals?

Automate Your Home With Smart Devices

With the development of the world, there is a way to control this automatically. It is the Smart Aquarium Controller. This allows you to easily monitor and control your aquarium wherever you are through your smartphone. This will automatically set up an aquatic environment for your fish, aquatic plants, corals and other invertebrates. It can perform many functions such as temperature control, lighting control, water level control, pH control, etc. Read More>>

SwitchBot Curtains

After you wake up in the morning, is there anything more boring than opening the curtains at home? When you go to bed at night, how do you feel when you remember that you have to close all the curtains in the house? Don't worry. The solution has been found.

Automate Your Home With Smart Devices

SwitchBot Curtain is designed for this purpose. With your smartphone, you can open or close your home curtains when you need them. You can even set a schedule for when you want to open and close curtains. Then it will automatically run at the appropriate times. Read More>>

Smart Home Cleaners

If you are a housewife, what would you answer if I asked you what is the hardest task at home? Definitely it should be home cleaning. The floor is something that quickly becomes dirty in the house. Moving around the home often causes the ground to become dirty. And if you have furry animals like dogs and cats, you may have fur everywhere. Dust particles can also be present in the air if your home is frequently dirty. When you breathe, they are most likely to enter your body.

Automate Your Home With Smart Devices

In response to all this, a variety of automation tools have been introduced. These can be done by automatically moping your home, vacuuming, and cleaning the air and more. Read More>>

Android TV Remote

Do you know that you can control your smart TV at home with your android smartphone? It really can. Your android phone can be converted to a remote control that lets you control TV, PC and more through various apps.


Your android phone is connected to Android TV over the local network or via Bluetooth. The apps also provide voice controls and a virtual keyboard for text insertion. Read More>>

Android AC Remote

If you own an Android smartphone with an infrared (IR) blaster, you're in luck. Android smartphones with infrared blasters can deal with commands that come with IR light beams. For example, TVs, air conditioning equipment and many more.

Automate Your Home With Smart Devices

With an app, you can control the air conditioner in your home by reducing or increasing the cold. Using an app, you can control the air conditioner in your home by reducing or increasing the cold and add more control. Read More>>


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