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Did your Galaxy smartphone get wet?

How to tackle the situation guide.


Running an electrical charge through any wet electrical circuit is bound to cause problems, Because of water’s famous conductivity sending charges between points on the circuit that can’t handle it will cause the problem. The good news is that just because an electrical device gets wet doesn’t mean it’s immediately destroyed.

If you’re lucky, your phone could have been shut off before any major damage was caused. Wetting an “off” circuit is nowhere near as bad as wetting an active one. If you manage to dry out your phone before switching it back on, then you may find that there is no damage at all or, more likely, that it might still works but might have gained a few annoying quirks.

If your Galaxy smartphone contacted with any liquid dont panic for this. Obviously after wiping out as much water as possible, first keep calm and open up the back cover and remove the battery as quickly as possible. Following are the exact steps of doing this;

How to remove water as much as possible from your device.

  1. Turn off your Galaxy smartphone.
  2. Then remove the back cover and remove the battery, SIM card, and micro SD card as quickly as possible.
  3. Then wipe off the liquid with soft clean and absorbent cloth. Specially the headphone jack and charge port. If the phone has a sim card tray then remove the tray and the sim and wipe them too.
  4. Keep the phone in dry place for 48 hours to evaporate the liquid. You can place the phone  in dry rice grains to facilitate the evaporation.
  5. Check your Samsung warranty. If your warranty covers the damages to phone caused by spills or liquid, Then file a claim to replace your Samsung phone, although the phone seems to be in a good operating condition.
  6. Follow this step if your Samsung smart phone got wet by a liquid which is like tea, coffee, juice other than water. If your warranty does not allow for these kind of damages, consider submerging the phone in a circuit-safe cleaner or pure grain alcohol. Because the pure grain alcohol can absorb water and it can clean corrosive impurities if the liquid is something like tea, coffee, juice other than water. The pure grain alcohol will evaporates without leaving any conductive residues behind.
  7. After removing the phone from the alcohol bath allow it to dry for 48 hours before powering on the device. 

Hope this post helped you in taking care of the Samsung phone which has contacted with a liquid.

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