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Get the Best Out of Your Apple Watch with These Tips


Apart from just answering calls, sending messages, and showing you time, the Apple Watch
comes with a lot of other features as well. Subscribe to a good internet plan like one of
the Spectrum internet plans for smooth connectivity between your phone and the smartwatch at
all times. Explore the useful features mentioned in conjunction with stable internet to make the
most out of your Apple Watch.

Ping Feature to Locate Phone

Most people misplace their phones quite easily. When this happens, one feels utterly lost and
angry. However, with your Apple Watch, you can find your phone quite easily. All you have to do
is use the ping function. Just swipe up on the display of your watch. Scroll to the Control Center
and select the Ping icon. The icon of this feature shows an iPhone inside vibration patterns. Just
tap on it and this will make your iPhone make a ping noise. Listen carefully and you may be able
to find your phone!

Silence Your iPhone

A ringing phone in the middle of a meeting is a major problem. It can badly affect your
professional career as well. Therefore, it is wise to visit your Control Center and select the Do
Not Disturb function. A crescent moon represents this function. Simply tap on it. You can keep
this mode on for as long as you want it to. For as long as it is active, your phone notifications will
not bug you. Just turn the mode off to get your notifications on!

Use Siri’s Timer Function

You can use Siri to perform a plethora of tasks. From routine tasks to aiding in cooking and
more, Siri does it all. You don’t need a dedicated timer to inform you when your cake will be
ready. Instead, you can simply utilize the amazing potential from Siri and turn on a timer. Just as
soon as the timer is up, Siri will let you know. The possibilities of this feature are endless. You
can also use the timer during your daily exercise regime! You can conveniently calculate how
many reps you can do in a minute!

Enlarge Text Size

Some people do not like smaller text sizes. Others feel that it affects the readability for them.
And people with weaker eyesight may also feel difficulty in making out the words. If you’re a fan
of larger text sizes then head over to “Brightness & Text Size”. Select “Text Size” and choose a
size that is more likable to you.

Use the Camera App

The camera app on your Apple Watch will allow you to use the camera on your phone remotely.
You can simply access the camera app on your smartwatch. You can use the app as a
viewfinder as well! You’ll be able to see anything that your phone camera views.

Select Photo as Watch Face

You can take any image from your iPhone and use it as a watch face on your Apple Watch. All
you have to do is navigate to Photos on your iPhone and select your watch face. Simply add it
to your favorites by tapping on the heart icon at the bottom of your device’s screen. Now, on
your Apple Watch, just go to the watch face menu. You can do this by pressing the screen for a
while. Scroll until you find your photo and then select it as the watch face.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Similar to an iPhone, you can uninstall apps on your Apple Watch as well. Just place your finger
on the app you want to remove for a couple of seconds. The device will vibrate and an “X” sign
will appear. Tap on it and remove the unwanted app.

Write, Save, or Send Messages

Using your Apple Watch, you can write, save, and send messages. This feature comes in very
handy when you want to send out quick messages. You can also add preset messages. For
this, go to the Apple Watch App on your iPhone. Select “Message” and then select “Default
Replies”. Here, you can add any type of preset message.

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