How to fix low audio on calls on Samsung Galaxy A20s | sound is low during calls

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How to fix low audio on calls on Galaxy S10 | sound is low during calls

Under the heading above, we will discuss the Audio problem and solution of Samsung Galaxy A20s

Method 1: Force Stop Samsung Galaxy A20s to fix "can't hear caller"

How to fix low audio on calls on Samsung Galaxy A20s | sound is low during calls


Next, a force reboot on your Samsung Galaxy A20s smartphone is the answer. What you need to do is press and hold down the Power and Volume button for about 7-10 seconds together. The Device is going to vibrate, then shut off. If it happened because of some glitch on Primary Memory then the, once you restart, will resolve this problem, however, if it happens due to other reasons you need to switch to the next process. Read More - Tap and pay your supermarket bill using Android Device

Method 2: Use the Fingers

Our Next Solution is a bit odd that does not require you to open the Device Settings. All you have to do is press tightly around the Samsung Galaxy A20s speaker. For many, this has been shown to be a fruitful approach as some have claimed to resolve the issue of the Samsung Galaxy A20s audio cuts after this measure was taken. But make sure they don't offer a lot of pressure as this can further damage the speaker.  Read More increase RAM on Android device


Method 3: Test the Speaker on Samsung Galaxy A20s

How to fix low audio on calls on Samsung Galaxy A20s | sound is low during calls

If the speaker is not good or it is not working, other approaches cannot help you here. So even if you try all the basic solutions, if the problem is not resolved, check whether the device speaker is working. You can check this by dialing your customer * # 0 * # and following the instructions on the computer. This code works with a lot of on this model and can also check your Vibrator, Mic, Touch, Receiver, Speakers ReadMore - how to Connect Pen drive to your Samsung Galaxy A20s

Dropped to water now Calling Speaker not works

How to fix low audio on calls on Samsung Galaxy A20s | sound is low during calls
  1. Get out it from water as soon as you see.
  2. Turn off the phone and remove the battery as soon as you get it.
  3. If the phone already OFF, Remove the battery.
  4. Remove SIM card and Micro SD card.
  5. Clean the phone.
  6. put your android phone in a small bag plastic/polythene with rice and seal/tie it and let it stay for one day or two days
  7. Now check whether it is working or not.
  8. If not, you have to give it to the Shop.

Method 4: Boot your into Safe mode to Check for Third-party apps problems

How to fix low audio on calls on Samsung Galaxy A20s | sound is low during calls


If all went well, your Calling speaker suddenly went off after you installed the "exam app," and there is a 99.9 percent chance that the new app will be the source of the problem. You can uninstall that application. Sometimes, though, no app is installed but an existing app can cause this problem. Read More - increase internal storage on your android device

Then we can use a safe mode method to determine if this is caused by an existing app (which prevents third-party applications from running),

  1. Switch off
  2. Press and hold down the Power button
  3. Release the button when "Samsung Galaxy A20s" appears on the screen
  4. Press and hold down the Volume Down button immediately after that until your phone stops restarting
  5. You should see the words "Safe Mode" at the bottom of the screen
  6. Release the Volume button
  7. Now your Samsung Galaxy A20s boots up in "Safe Mode."

If your audio problem is not detected in safe mode, the main culprit is a third-party app. Reinstall applications from third parties until the issue is resolved. Our recommendation is to get started with the applications you recently installed before the problem occurs.

Method 5: Perform Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy A20s


How to fix low audio on calls on Samsung Galaxy A20s | sound is low during calls


Factory Resetting allows you to delete all device settings, user data, third-party applications and associated application data from the device's internal flash storage. It restores the device to the state it was in when it was shipped from the factory. so, our solution before the final solution is this. it can solve all sorts of problems, including Samsung Galaxy A20s sound problemsRead More - Save The Mobile Data On Android Mobile

  1. Turn the off using the Power key.
  2. Press 'Power key + Volume up + Home button' together until the screen display or android Logo.
  3. After the press, you will have below recovery screen and you will be able to enter the phone's boot menu.
  4. Go down and Tap 'Wipe data/factory reset' by clicking the power key.
  5. Now select 'Yes-delete all user data' by taping the power key.
  6. When the reset is complete, you will need
    to set the date and time and add the Google Account as a new device

Method 6: Flash Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy A20s to fix "can't hear caller"

stock ROM is the original OS that comes with the phone. Some serious viruses can change this, All we have to do is re-install our original OS on the phone. We heard from some of our listeners that this was helping them. So we thought we'd tell you this too. This is really like putting Windows on your computer. So no matter what software problem is on your phone, this will solve it. This is a little time-consuming and cautious work. Since it is not advisable to do it quickly, we created a separate special guide for this and You can access that from this page

So, these are the approaches to solve audio issues with the Samsung Galaxy A20s Check them out but you should go for a substitute if nothing works.

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