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You may always want to travel with your family, but rejected it just because you cannot afford it. But it sees you have forget that family is not only about completing your responsibilities but also about maintaining your bonds, get together and much more. You have neglected the one of best opportunity to strength your family bond just thinking it as a high extra expenditure. It is true that money matters, you want to pay your children school fees, your house loan, your monthly bills etc. But, still it is important to maintain the quality of your family.

Travelling gives better opportunity to improve your family quality and to gives you time to relax from your busy schedule. But only if you plan properly.

So here I’m giving you the best tips to arrange your trip or vacation on your budget.

  • Plan your visit

Now planning of your trip is easier than ever. Therefore, plan your visit as early as possible. Earlier planning gives more time to you for good research. Do proper research on the destinations, transport modes, your timing to decide what the suitable location and modes for you. Also, this gives you some more time to save some more money for your trip or visit. Further, when you are start earlier you will see more options to get more benefits and discounts to spend less and save more.

We all know booking things just in hand costs much more than booking in advance. If you can select timing out of season, it will give super benefits for you. Also, don’t search on surface, dig much deeper to find more offers and benefits in any aspect.

  • Select your destination

It is a common thing that each and every location has different cost of living (cost of travelling). There are some locations much cheaper but with lot of enjoyable things to do. Do a proper research and select a location that suits to your budget and who you travel with, what your family members prefer. You should consider about food, transport, hotels and etc. Decide wisely where you going. Also there are some unique places but not famous, so that would be cheaper than any other places.

  • Transport mode

Using public transport is cheaper in 99% occasions. But the important thing is what the most suitable, train, bus, tramp or even boat? Totally depend on where you are going. For ay transport mode, check the relevant websites to see offers and discounts. Also there are multi trip discount offers for public transportations like trains. In addtion, cycling is good way to travel within cities. You will get fresh air, good views for low cost.

Sometimes there may be no public transports available. So you have to take your own vehicle, or to rent or a taxi. Further taking self-drive car is cheaper than hiring a taxi. But you may find some locals giving to transports for cheaper value. When you are using taxis, you probably have to compare local taxies with online services. Most of time, you see local once are the cheaper, but you may have some offers or coupons from the online taxi service.

If you are going to flight, be smart not to book in peak seasonal rush. They give different offers all over the year. Don’t book day before your flight. It will doubled your cost. Check the offers to get the best value of your budget. Even it is not common sometimes, flights may be more cost effective than other modes for some destinations. Further, look for different options, cash back offers and compare everything before decides.

  •  Accommodation

You can have many different options such as hotels, lodges and apartments even camping. Pick up a hotel and book it before seasonal rush starts. There are different offers all over the year, compare not only the price but also the services offered. Try always go for locals, small scale and medium scale once than 5 star large scale hotels to cut down so many unnecessary expenses. In addition, there may be options for apartment stays, farm houses, villas etc. with more privacy for low cost. Camping also is a good option if you are interested and can find a good location. It will give an extra value to your trip.

  • Foods and meals

Try to go for locals as much as possible than pricey vendors, cafes and restaurants. You will get delicious and traditional foods for low cost at roadside grills. Sometimes locals have very tasty meal combinations and delicious menus which you will never experience in 5 star restaurants. Also it is a good opportunity you to help some local families while you are enjoying your ride.

If you are going to cook your own meals, try buying local ingredients, vegetables, fruits etc. Always local markets have good opportunities.

In addition, select night stays with breakfasts. That will be more cost effective. Also don’t stick to three meals and have as you find cheap good tasty foods. That will avoid the need to have big lunch or dinner.

  • Pack Properly

You should pack your essentials and avoid unnecessary things. You should try to avoid shopping for daily needs. Also, do not pack unnecessary things or you will charge for weight of luggage.

  • Shop at locals

Avoid super markets and shopping malls, go for locals not only cheaper but also some more unique products will be available to you. You can go for foods, souvenir etc. Bargain to get the best prices.


 💡 Some more to think:

Other than going pricey parks, wonderlands try some public parks, beaches, art galleries, free museums, see some beautiful landscapes, traditional and sacred temples and locations. They give you very relaxing experience to your busy life. Further, there are free entertaining events. Find them to observe their culture.

Check for bank card offers. Your bank may give different offers for credit cards and debit cards. Sometimes, there may be discounts up to 50% even. Try to get some of them. And try some new cards that give more benefits.


 🙂 Find time to travel with your family to strengthen your

family bonds. It’s the most precious thing you have. 🙂 

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