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These are the guidelines to utilize RockChip FactoryTool to streak or introduce Stock Firmware (ROM) on any RockChip Smartphone and Tablet.

Alert: Flashing or introducing firmware utilizing the FactoryTool, will wipe the information from the gadget. In this manner, it is prescribed to take a reinforcement of your information prior to utilizing the FactoryTool.

Introduce .img or .receptacle firmware utilizing the RockChip FactoryTool

step 1

Download and Install RockChip Driver Assistant on the Windows Computer (assuming on the off chance that Rockchip Drivers are now introduced on the PC, SKIP this progression).

step 2

Download and concentrate RockChip FactoryTool on the Computer.

step 3

Open FactoryTool.exe to Launch the Tool:

step 4

When RockChip FactoryTool is dispatched, you will actually want to see the accompanying screen:

step 5

Presently, to Change the Language of the Application, Click on the Language Button:

Select the second Option in the Language Menu i.e English:

 step 6

Snap on the Firmware fasten and Locate the .img or .receptacle record (can be found in the fimware envelope) from the Computer.

step 7

When you have effectively Loaded the Firmware on the RockChip FactoryTool, at that point it will naturally show the Firmware Version, Loader form and the Chip Type.


step 8

Associate your RockChip Device to the Computer (Power Off the Device First, at that point Press and Hold Volume UP Button and simultaneously interface the Device to the PC).

 step 9

Presently, your gadget will be recorded under Device Type as Loader, which implies you are prepared to streak or introduce the firmware.

 step 10

Snap on Run Button to start the Flashing or establishment Process.

step 11

Presently, Firmware will be introduced to the RockChip gadget. Establishment Process generally requires up to 5-10 minutes to finish.

step 12

When Flashing/Installation measure is finished, you will actually want to see the Green Success message on the Right Panel of the device.

step 13

Detach the gadget from the Computer and Restart it. In the wake of restarting the gadget, you will actually want to utilize it appropriately.

Congrats! Presently, you can utilize your Mobile Device without confronting any issue.

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