Stock ROM Vs Custom ROM: Which one is better for your?

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The android operating system is seen as one of the best operating systems among all operating systems and is the preferred operating system for all major smartphone OEMs in the world. Today, the android operating system has been able to spread its footprint in nearly 68% of the world's mobile devices. Read More –  increase RAM on Android device

The dominance of Android is not limited to the sale of mobile devices. Today, Android has become the largest operating system for Internet users worldwide. The android operating system has a 37% market share over windows and has become the most prominent and prominent operating system on the Internet. Read More – Tap and pay your supermarket bill using Android Device

Stock/Custom ROM Difference

Since Android is an open-source operating system, every developer can customize it to suit their needs. This has led to increased use of custom ROMs, which have additional features and a new look. Before you go any further, the ROM of a computer is a READ ONLY memory, and the android ROM is the firmware. Just like the windows operating system Read More – Adding IR sensor for your Android Device | As TV/AC Remote

When shipping, smartphones come first with Stock ROM, which are customized versions of Android that are customized by mobile companies to fit their devices. Android in its original form is called Pure Stock Android. mobile manufacturers think they need to make their devices look unique and hence customize this further. The result is what is called the Stock ROM. So for different devices on different companies, Stock Rom is the reason why different UI looks. For example, Samsung phones come with TouchWiz UI/Grace UX, Sony Xperia phones come with TimeScape UI, Huawei come with EMUI and Motorola phones come with Blur UI.

Custom ROMs are made by individual developers or a community of developers. The obvious difference between Stock ROM and Custom ROM is that Custom ROM gives you more control over devices. Read More – Boost Gaming Performance on Android Devices

Stock ROM – Why To Choose?

As I said before, STOCK ROM is a secure operating system that is customized by the company. So the devices are unique from other manufacturers


When it comes to STOCK ROM, we have a lot to talk about security. These are operating systems developed by reputable companies, so there is no room for malware, spyware, and other malware. This is also why most people don't go for custom ROMs. As well-known companies, their main purpose is to ensure user safety, user experience, and privacy.


The company does not want to change their operating system. So if you change it, the warranty will be canceled. Not just custom ROMs. Another reason to cancel your warranty is to get root and root access. Read More:  What is root?

Manufacturer Apps

As we all know, stock ROMs come with preloaded apps from manufacturers, so a lot of those are very valuable and useful apps for us. These apps vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and device to device. For example, Samsung Galaxy S10 has a Bixby feature, a virtual assistant app just like the iPhone has Siri and Huawei has a Huawei Assistant and Google has a Google Assistant.

Better Stability

Stock Rom also offers better stability and device performance. Because the manufacturer detects device issues and updates you monthly and yearly. Also, stock ROM also works well with your device hardware to offer better stability.

Better Camera image Processing

One thing which Stock ROM does best is the Camera. Smartphones like Google Pixel, Samsung Flagships, Oneplus and HTC come with Top-notch algorithms and Image Processing which cannot be achieved by a third party Camera app. GCam or Google camera can click some good images but still, it is not better than Stock Camera apps.

Custom ROM – Why To Choose?

Custom ROM is a modified version of a pure Android operating system that is customized and managed by a community of developers or single developers.

Root Access

One of the main points of custom ROM is the user with custom ROM which gives the ROOT access to their Android devices. Root access is simply a powerful option that gives complete control over their phones. Just like the administrator login in Windows, root access is the admin access for smartphones. StockRoom limits the ability to have full control over the Android device, where users are treated as guest users on their own smartphone. 

Highly Customizable

Custom ROM is flexible to any extent and highly customizable. The user can even delete bootloader apps that he or she doesn't want. Therefore, the performance of the android device can be improved.

Better Performance

The Customizations on Custom ROMs allow the user to install Unkown Apps, remove pre-installed apps, restrict background apps, control your home WiFi, change the source code, restrict usage data and wifi and change permission settings and perform other performance changes. And, you can get better battery life.

Better Compatibility with Mods

One of the main reasons that People love Custom ROM's is that of Mods. Frameworks like Xposed and Magisk manager work better on Custom ROM because of the less modifies Android OS. Apps like Android Pify and Substratum theme engine work great on custom ROM's. Some Custom ROM's have Substratum support out of the box.

OS Updates

With custom ROM, you can easily upgrade your device to the latest OS months before it is originally released by your device manufacturer. Thus, you get access to the most advanced features easily with custom ROM. While most device manufacturers do not provide the latest OS updates immediately they received, so, custom ROM offers a better solution to get the recent OS upgrades.



So who won the battle of Stock ROM vs Custom ROM?

There are advantages and disadvantages of both stock ROM and custom ROM. So, it depends on your needs. If stock ROM can satisfy all your needs, you won't need to go to custom ROM and you can stay with Stock stability & performance. But if you want more advanced features from your Device, you should go to a custom ROM.

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