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3 Secret Tips To Make Your Facebook Profile Attractive


If you want to know about How To Make Your Facebook Profile Attractive, we will share some cool and secret tips with you and customize your profile. So read this full article to get exciting ideas to customize your Facebook profile.

1 Set a Good Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Many Facebook user does not take seriously about the profile picture. Many people set a film actor, actress, flowers, etc., but this decreases your profile look. It can create a trust issue for you. If you see some big social media influencer, they always use their professional photo in the profile picture.

So we suggest you set your profile picture only your photo. It should be a clean look photo. You can set a good selfie or a close up photo because it will help new people to follow you. Your cover photo should be properly sized according to the size ratio of the Facebook cover page.

If you have a brand, then you should add a good-looking logo that should match your company name. Your logo must clean to visible, and choose a good color it will attract others. Your brand cover photo must be described as your company in minimum words. It helps people to get a proper idea about your profile. An attractive Facebook profile will also help you gain more followers on Facebook.

2 Write A Professional Bio

A well-defined bio can attract many people to your profile. Many people write useless things like I am a king, queen, etc. If you notice some big influencers, they only mentioned about there profession and themselves. Facebook giving you 101 characters to describe yourself. 

You should write about what is your profession, you can write about your interest, about your dreams or you can add a quote which must meaningful and sounds gentle.

If you have a brand Facebook profile, then you should write about your company mission and why are you on Facebook. You can learn from some big brands how they write their bio. It will attract many people to your profile.

3 Set Your Name Properly

Many people on Facebook will not set their full name; they use some words before their name ex- prince, king, lover boy, queen, cute, etc. People think these word will increase their reputation on social media, but the sad thing is this word looks unprofessional, and it also shows your uneducated mindset. So we recommend you to use your original full name. It will look professional, and other people can also find you easily.

A brand should contain its registered name on its profile. Make sure your brand name should easy to pronounce and easy to remember.

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