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5 free tools to check how your website looks like from different countries



As the name suggests GeoPeeker is designed to view a site from various geographical locations. Its design is very attractive. Another important thing is it gives screenshots from Singapore, Ireland, Brazil, Australia, and Virginia, and California in the United States for free!


This tool was built during the True North PHP 2014 Hackathon. Shotsherpa will give you eight screenshots from eight random cities chosen from a 200 plus list.


Gives you web browsing from several locations. Very convenient design. It even offers browsing with screenshots from 15 countries. Very advanced but quite buggy.



Change IP country

As far as I know, this offers access to your websites from web proxies from 32 countries. And I think actually it seems to be insecure. Better to forget this one.


A free tool that is used to test website speed and performance. You will be able to define a specific location from a list of 11 cities. And then to see how your website acts from that particular location.

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