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Android Apps must be in Girl’s Phone

Android Apps must be in Girl's Phone


Here 2020, there is app for everything and anything. You can use your smartphone to organize your entire life. Therefore isn’t it so easy to have everything at your fingertip? Here we are going to tell you about must have Apps in your phone. Check whether you have the following apps in your phone. If not, install them. They will make your life super easy. And they are totally free apps.

  1. Period Tracker – My Calendar

Hey, are you still memorizing your period dates in your mind? Or are you keeping a pocket calendar in your handbag? Time has come to stop it. There is My Calendar app to remind you your dates on behalf of you. My calendar is one of best app in this category.

It’s a regular cycle or irregular cycle, its Ok. You can use it. Not only your menstrual cycle, also the ovulations cycle, reminders to take pills and many more related things can be handled through this App. Likewise, you can record your feelings and symptoms (headaches etc) also. Also these can predict you future cycle and possibility of getting pregnant in each days depending on the past data. If you are going to change your phone backup your data and can reinstall them to your new phone.

  1. Spending Tracker – Money Manager

There are several apps that can record, manage and review your financial stats. Money Manager comes top of it. Earnings, spending, credit cards, monthly payments can be added at the moment you done it. No more excel sheets or calculations are required. It automatically calculates your weekly, monthly totals. Also you can make several categories to income and expenditures, set budget limits & regularly check the available balance for each category. Graphs and charts are used to give a clear output to the user. So you can balance your expenditures for each category without going over them. Try it & it will keep you to be in healthy financial position. Also, you can secure the App with PIN, so no one going to see your financial details. These all are in free version. You can get premium and experience may more features.

  1. Drink Water Reminder – Water Reminder

How much water have you had today? Are you too busy to forget water? Most of don’t drink enough water to function our body properly. Water is essential to maintain your health and your beauty.  

If you regularly forget to drink water you may end up with serious health issues ad your skin may get older quickly. No need to panic. Here is your reminder. Set your daily goals to drink water & remind hourly. You will never miss your water bottle again. Also it has a beautiful user friendly interface. By entering your details (Gender, age, weight) app will automatically decide the how much water you need to drink. Also depending of your cup size, app will decide the schedule. Isn’t it so easy? Just give a try.

  1. Photo Editing – Snapseed

We all are obsessed with photos. If you are looking for a best photo editor, “Snapseed” one of it. It works well with all type of photos from landscapes to selfies. So if you are a nature lover or selfie expert you can use it. It has lots of editing features than any other app. Not only adjusting the colours, even you can change your body shape with more than 25 tools. You can get your photos to professional level. It has a very simple and user friendly interface that allows you to learn the features easily. And also, it has NO ADS.

  1. Pdf Scanner – Notebloc

Keeping and sharing PDF is more professional than keeping photos. You may want to Scan your Certificates, Bills, Letters, medical records, some pages of book etc.  But you don’t need to buy a scanner, you have it in your hand now.

Just download “Notebloc” in your phone. It is super easy app I have ever used to scan documents. It has a simple dashboard with more features. Size, colour, appearance of document can be changed as you want. Not only as a PDF also you can keep more clear photos of documents. Further you can share the document so easily.

  1. Google Keep

Hey, you are the one who forgetting everything or procrastinating queen. Just keep a note and reminder then. But can’t take notebook everywhere. Why do you need a notebook when you have Google Keep. Google Keep can be used to write notes, memos, check lists, put reminders, etc. You are too lazy to type, just speak to the app, it will type it for you. Notes, memos can be arranged in different colours and shapes as you want to categorise them. The best thing is you can share it with your google account and log into it at anywhere at the world.

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