Are Deep Tissue Massage Guns Still Beneficial in 2022?


Massage guns have suddenly taken center stage on the internet. You've undoubtedly seen these sports rehabilitation gadgets that look (and sound) like a power drill on your social media and YouTube feeds unless you've been on a social media break for years. They're useful. They appear to be industrious muscular jackhammers. Most significantly, more and more individuals are gaining access to it.

But, ignoring the commotion, the primary question remains: Do deep tissue massage guns work? Are they worth it?

Allow us to lead you through the process.

Massage guns are great portable sports rehabilitation equipment, but they can also use them for other purposes.

A deep tissue massage gun is related with numerous words, including percussive treatment, vibration therapy, percussive massagers, and so on. While there have been no particular studies on the effectiveness of massage guns, preliminary research in the sector reveals that massage and vibration treatment, which are both used in percussive therapy, have potential advantages.

Deep tissue massage guns, in essence, are portable rehabilitation devices that employ amplitude, torque, and frequency. They send pulses deep into your sensitive tissues. Consider the combination of vibration and pounding motion.

Aside from assisting in your recovery, massage guns have other recognized good effects. It helps to reduce delayed onset muscular soreness (DOMS), improves flexibility, blood circulation, and lymphatic flow. But this article isn't about the common inquiries about massage guns.

For the time being, we'll address some of the less-frequently asked questions concerning massage guns:

What features should I seek while purchasing deep tissue massage guns? 

Percussive therapy guns provide the benefits of massage treatment in the comfort of your own home or gym or wherever your tired muscles begin to manifest. However, if you obtain a defective one, you won't get all of its benefits. Here are the important elements to look for when selecting a deep tissue massage gun:


The amplitude of the massage gun refers to the distance the head may go when it presses into your body. The greater the amplitude, the deeper the gun may dig into the muscle, resulting in a more powerful impact.

Level of Sound/Noise

Nobody can unwind while using a loud recovery gadget, that's for sure. And, to be honest, certain massage guns may be unbearably noisy. Select a brand with a low decibel level (average is 30-50 dB). A silent pistol allows you to speak with others or watch TV while using it. You may use it without bothering others at the workplace, the gym, or home late at night.


The fact that massage guns are portable is one of their primary selling features. And, if you intend to carry it to the gym or any other outside site frequently, you should examine if it is portable enough.

It is preferable if the massage pistol you intend to purchase comes with a carrying bag. For one thing, it will be easy to transport. Second, all of the attachments are already bundled together.

The weight of the gun may also have an impact on its portability. Most massage guns weigh between 2-2.5 pounds. It may become difficult to carry and use if it becomes heavier than that.


Massage guns are unquestionably valuable purchases. That is why a product warranty is essential. It guarantees that you may contact the manufacturer if you find any flaws. Examine the warranty coverage term and the method for obtaining the warranty. Consider the convenience of filing a claim, especially if you plan to purchase the goods from a different country.

Pro tip: Look at the gun's body material as well. A low-quality plastic may jeopardize the device's durability. You don't want your pistol to snap after only a few months of use.

Can deep tissue massage guns help me improve my Functional Threshold Power (FTP)?

The short answer is no, not by itself. However, it can undoubtedly help you boost your FTP.

In-depth response:

The average power a cyclist can produce in 60 minutes is referred to as FTP. It is measured in watts per kilo. It reflects your fitness level and how long you can maintain the same level of exertion over a set length of time.

Philipp Diegner lists five techniques to boost your FTP. He works as a performance analyzer as well as a professional cycling coach.

Create a regimen that works properly with your schedule.

Go on a lengthy bike ride: This will increase your endurance and improve your aerobic fitness.

Squeeze in short bursts of high-intensity: Don't get into the trap of completing the same routine every time you go to the gym. Incorporate HIT (High-Intensity Trainings) into your cycling workouts.

Keep an eye on your dietary intake. Toxic foods, unhealthy fats, and sugar may all have an impact on how your body functions.

Rest. Rest and recovery are critical components of an athlete's total performance. "The body requires time to recuperate every two or three days truly," says Diener. Resting ensures that you are ready for the following rigorous session, especially during hard training stages. It also enables you to maintain a workout routine for more than a few weeks."

 This is where a deep tissue massage gun may help you increase your FTP. Percussive treatment improves blood circulation. It lowers muscular tension and inflammation, allowing your body to recuperate more quickly.

A speedy recovery implies more opportunities to go on longer rides and exercise regularly. Furthermore, the positive effects of massage guns build up with time. Your muscles grow more flexible and less prone to injury as you utilize them regularly.

Are massage guns appropriate for all active people?

Short answer: Yes, except for some groups.

In-depth response:

Massage guns are for people who are concerned about their health. It's for CrossFitters, athletes, and anybody else who wants to live an active lifestyle. Those with the following medical issues, however, should see their doctor before utilizing a massage gun:

Strains in the muscles

Bursitis, tendinitis, fascitis, and periostitis are all examples of inflammation-related injuries.

Osteoporosis, or bone deterioration

Blood pressure is too high.

Muscle problems (like muscular dystrophy)

Extreme varicose veins

Bone fractures

Percussive therapy is not advised for pregnant women, regardless of their level of athleticism. 

So, are deep tissue massage guns worth the investment?

Massage guns are an excellent addition to your workout arsenal. It is much more than a sports recovery gadget. Its advantages also extend to other aspects of your general well-being. Being a useful device is an added plus. It's like having your therapist everywhere you go, but without the cost.

But, of course, nothing matches the natural approaches to recover and maintain excellent health.No instrument or piece of equipment can ever replace the little, repeated acts you do to care for your body.

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