The Advantages of the Kenwood NX-300 UHF NexEdge Radio

The Advantages of the Kenwood NX-300 UHF NexEdge Radio

The Kenwood NX-300 UHF NexEdge two-way radio offers a lot, including mixed digital and FM analog operation, built-in GPS, and exceptional durability. Essentially, this fully-featured radio is designed to suit just about every need you would have for radio.

Big Screen

Although not everyone prefers a huge screen on their two-way radio, there are several advantages to having one. If your squad will benefit from a huge screen, this radio is an excellent choice.

The NX-300 has a bigger screen than the NX-320, allowing it to show twice as many characters. Enables users to view more information at once and do more tasks more seamlessly.

Customizable Programmable Features

Furthermore, the NX-300 has several customizable features that allow you to tailor it to your specific requirements. Customization is essential for a wide range of work locations, situations, and conditions. Set up this radio to work for you and let your team call the shots.

Large internal Memory

The NX-300 has a huge internal memory, allowing it to work faster and greater capacity than conventional two-way radios. It can also handle a large number of frequencies and channels.

Durability Is Important

Two-way radios must withstand everything that happens in the field daily, from accidental accidents to unexpected tragedies. That is why your typical smartphone would never function — it's simply too delicate. Not all two-way radios are manufactured to the same high standards, but the NX-300 is one of the most durable alternatives available. It is quite long-lasting.

The NX-300 can withstand being immersed in water and sprayed with dirt. Dropped it by accident? Not a problem! This is why it is suitable for various sectors, from maritime applications to building sites.


Concerning Kenwood Radios

Here at One direct, we have produced a list of the top  Radios Kenwood on the market for you. Something we feel can greatly improve your company's communication and overall efficiency.

Kenwood, which entered the professional two–way radio industry in 1978, is one of the major makers of walkie-talkies. Their two-way radios are very popular in educational institutions, construction sites, and small enterprises.

TK-3501 Kenwood

The Kenwood TK-3501 is the first two-way radio on our list. The TK-3501 is a tough, lightweight, and easy-to-use radio communications device that is excellent for experts and beginners alike.

The TK-3501 complies with IP54 dust and water intrusion regulations and 11 MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F, and G standards from the United States. Its robust durability allows it to resist harsh use in any job environment.

If you work long hours, assistance is available. The device's power-saving design allows for up to 20 hours of operation, allowing you to focus on the work at hand without worry.

Other features you'll appreciate

9km range is a long distance.

User-programmable built-in VOX

PKT 23 Kenwood

The Kenwood PKT 23 is one of the market's smallest and lightest two-way radios. The PKT-23, which fits in the palm of your hand, is convenient to transport wherever your team needs to go. With a weight of about 110 g, it may easily fit in a pocket or be connected to a belt using the provided belt clip.

With a battery life of up to 15 hours, this radio is ready for use wherever you go, and it has an IP54 designation, making it dust and water-resistant.

This fantastic gadget has up to 8 channels and can be set to particular team members, allowing you to always communicate directly to your team. When you change channels, the voice guide notifies you.

Other features you'll appreciate.

Scan, battery saving, caller alert, PTT (push to talk), and VOX are all available via the 3.5mm headset connector and micro-USB port (voice activation)

TK-3000E Kenwood

The Kenwood TK-3000E is a popular two-way radio on our list since it is portable, tiny, and incredibly dependable. It includes all of the capabilities you need for your business, notably for inventory control and industrial service operations.

The TK-3000 is slim and lightweight, weighing only 203g, making it suitable for attaching to a belt or sliding into a coat pocket.

Furthermore, this small, user-friendly portable has 16 channels, each of which may be assigned a QT and DQT tone key to preventing unwanted signals.

Other features you'll appreciate.

Lockout of a Busy Channel

VOX ready for the low-battery alarm

NX-3220E2 Kenwood

The Kenwood NX-3220E2 is a multi-mode two-way radio that can operate as an analog and digital radio simultaneously. The gadget is packed with capabilities and was created with increased productivity and worker safety in mind.

The NX-3220E2 can be used comfortably near heavy or anyplace with high volume background noise thanks to Kenwood's Active Noise Reduction technology.

For people in high-stress jobs, emergency features are built-in. There is an emergency Button for raising alarms and a built-in motion detector that delivers Man Down notifications in the case of a fall.

Other features you'll appreciate.

Built-in GPS Receiver with 7-color Light Bar Indicator

Bluetooth is built-in for hands-free communication.

TK-2302E Kenwood

The Kenwood TK-2302E delivers clear, dependable communications, whether indoors or outside, rain or shine. It has the power and performance to meet even the most stringent task requirements since it is based on a tried-and-true design that has been polished and upgraded with new capabilities.

The Kenwood TK-2302E's contoured ergonomic curves naturally give an extremely comfortable grasp. Meanwhile, the non-slip elastomer channel knob and expanded PTT button provide a positive tactile reaction while in use.

Other features you'll appreciate.

Scan function VOX function 16 channels

TK-D340E Kenwood

The Kenwood TK-D34OE is the final item on our list, and it is ergonomically designed while still being durable as nails. This portable device has the capabilities and performance required for many businesses, including warehouses, stations, stores, and motels.

The most crucial feature of a radio is its clarity — the ability to hear clearly and loudly. The audio output power of the TK-D34oE is 1 W, and the AMBE+2 VOCODER technology perfectly duplicates real human speech subtleties for improved voice quality.

Call Interruption is possible in both direct and repeater modes when encoding or decoding in an emergency or whenever a user wants to interrupt a call. A Lone Worker option is also available to safeguard employees who work alone.

Other features you'll appreciate 32 channels divided into two zones IP54 / 55 certification for dual capacity: analog and digital

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