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Best Free WordPress Security Plugin of 2020

2020 : Best Free WordPress Security Plugins


Currently, WordPress become as most popular content publishing platform. Because of that reason, there are millions of users are spread around the globe. Due to this popularity, it caused to the WordPress become as main target for hackers.

But the WordPress is a very secure platform and as soon as developers identify the vulnerability, they push an update to patch it.

Normally, hackers launch this attack through third party WordPress plugins and theme which are WordPress powered sites. There may be others factors to can be used to hack the WordPress. Now, let’s identify some of these factors:

  • Vulnerabilities of the WordPress Hosting server.
  • WordPress plugin security.
  • Theme security of the WordPress.
  • File permission.
  • The WordPress database security
  • FTP vulnerabilities.
  • Weak passwords.
  • User permissions.
  • Your computer security
  • And more other factors.

It is most critical to ensure your website security and you have to keep your WordPress website secure as much as possible.

Now, we will focus to the affection, if your website gets hacked. It will steal private information of you and your website user or customers. And you will be missed up your work with many hours. Therefore, you should more concern the security of your WordPress.

According to that you have pay attention to increase the security of the WordPress. For your help, through this article we will provide to you a list of best security plugins for the WordPress.

Don’t rely on WordPress security plugins only

Don’t depend on secure plugin to only secure WordPress. There are many reasons are available to consider to secure your WordPress except the secure plugin. Now we consider others factors to ensure your WordPress security:

  • Always keep updated the WordPress, the plugins and the themes.
  • Use a good WordPress hosting company
  • Always set a strong password.
  • Take a backup of the WordPress regularly.
  • Don’t install WordPress plugins or themes, which are coming from unknown or not trusted sources.
  • Take care of the permissions, which are you give to your website users, authors and editors.
  • And also, secure your computer.

Now, we move to the identify the list of best WordPress security plugins, which are you able to use for add an extra layer of security to your website.

  • WordFence WordPress Security plugin


WordFence plugin can be identifying as the most downloaded WordPress security plugin and with 01 million active and installs to date. It is with full featured plugin and powerful plugin for WordPress. And they introduce the updated version constantly.

This WordFence plugin protect your WordPress from hacking, malware, malicious traffic and more features. Those features help to it become one of the most powerful free WordPress security plugins.

Following features are some WF features that help to add extra WordPress security layer:

  • The WordPress Firewall.
  • Blocking Features.
  • Security Scanning.
  • Login Security.
  • Monitoring Features.
  • Multi site security.
  • Major Theme and Plugins supported.
  • IPv6 Compatible.


In the WordFence has a premium API key. Through that feature it inherit lots of benefit such as country blocking, scheduled scans, premium support, and 2- factor authentication that allows you to sign in to the WordPress  using a password and your cell phone. In addition to, the premium plan also checks if your website IP is being used for spamming.

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)


The known WordPress themes and plugin developer, who is iThemes provide this WordPress security plugin. This is a free security plugin and it provides the more than 30 ways to protect your WordPress site.

This plugn is match for both beginners and experienced users of the WordPress. One reason is the 1- click installation for easy setup of the plugin. Other reason is advanced security option of it can be easily configured from the dashboard.

iThemes Security plugins help to protect the WordPress site through fixing common security vulnerabilities help to users to select strong passwords, stop automated attacks and it have more security features. For the easier maintenance, there is available a security checklist in the plugin dashboard.

Sucuri Security WordPress Plugin


Sucuri is most reputed authority in the industry of the WordPress and website security. Sucuri WordPress security plugin is a scanning and monitoring tool for WordPress.

This is also a free WordPress plugin and it is available main 04 features. Those are:

  1. Security activity
  2. Remote the Malware Scanner
  3. File integrity monitoring
  4. Overall the WordPress Security Hardening

For the usage of this plugin, it wants to understanding of codes and files within the WordPress, because of that, this plugin most suitable for experienced users and developers.

Make sure to use this plugin with the WP security plugin such as the WordFence or iThemes security. Then you can obtain the best security level.

MalCare Security and Firewall

Malcare Security and Firewall is being another interesting and free security plugin for the WordPress. According to the name, it is provide both features which are security plugin and a firewall. The Malcare Security and Firewall include with the built- in login protection. It is protect your WordPress admin dashboard through blocking login attempts of hackers.

The plugin’s malware scanner scans your site’s code against 100 signals of malicious code. It performs automatically on a daily basis this malware scans.

But you will be able to perform it manually as you want. You can easily do it with a click of a button. For identify the malicious activity of malware and viruses earlier, this plugin keep track of file modification.

In a Malcare plugin include the firewall with intelligent and rule based. The firewall monitors all traffic and stores the data in the database regarding visits, login attempts and errors.

This Malcare server collects the data on regular intervals from all website. Not only collect information, hey analyze this data and use the analyzing result for prevent from the attacks on the website on their network.

The unique feature of this, most of work done by Malcare on Malcare’s end, not your end. It is not any affect to performance and speed of your website, through performing security process on Malcare server.

You have a ability to use Malcare’s premium security service, if you want more features comes with automatic such as malware removals, integrated offsite backups and more features.

All in one WordPress Security & Firewall


All in one WP security and Firewall plugin can be recommended for beginner. Because of that user friendly interface, beginners are most preferred to it. Through user friendly interface, it will make easy to configure its security option.

All in one WP security and Firewall plugin is also a free security plugin for the WordPress. It works to ensure the site security through adding a powerful firewall. It able to prevents malicious scripts from changing your WordPress code.

Because of this firewall, the Google bots cannot crawling to your website and have an ability to prevent hot-linking of the website images

As well as firewall features, the plugin also available with powerful security tactics such as login lockdown feature. This login lockdown feature lead to prevent an IP address from guessing the password and they failed continuously the attempts for “Brute Force Attack”.

And also there is another useful tool, through that it helps to create a strong password for your account.

Shield Security: Protection with Smarter Automation

Shield Security is also a free security plugin for the WordPress. This security plugin has been achieved a higher rank on the WordPress.org’s plugin directory.

This Plugin mostly focuses on automating the function and minimize the alert and notifications. Shield plugin come with a guided configuration wizard and it make facilities to easy done setting.

Now we will concern the available features in the Shield Security:

  • Through limiting login attempts, it makes sure protection from Automatic Brute Force attacks by bots.
  • Automatically blacklist offended IP addresses.
  • Detection of malicious file changes by scanning the WordPress core files.
  • Built in Automatic SPAM protection.
  • 2- Factor Authentication via email and Google Authenticator app.

Cerber Security, Anti-spam & Malware Scan

Cerber security is also able to achieve higher rated free security plugin for the WordPress. By limiting login attempts, scanning your site files and folder for malware are the methods which use by the Cerber to increase the security of the WordPress.

Following features are come with the Cerber security such as;

  • File integrity checker
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Scheduled scans
  • Protection from SPAM and Bots
  • IP Black or White lists
  • Much more features

Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof security WordPress plugin come with a firewall. Through that, it protects your WordPress by protecting Database and backing it up, and protecting from Brute force Login Attacks.

It will scan the .htaccess file for malicious code which may affect to the speed and security of website. It can easily dine its set up through the one- click install wizard. If you want, you can configure its advanced options by activating manual mode.

Acunetix WP Security plugin

Acunetix WP Security plugin is a free and comprehensive WordPress security plugin. It is secure your WordPress website by performing scanning for vulnerabilities.

Through this plugin hide the WordPress version back- end dashboard for non- admin. This plugin is providing some security option such as;

  • Remove WP generator META tag from core code
  • Secure File permissions and passwords
  • Allow you to easily take WordPress database backup and more security option.

Note:  The last update of this plugin launched in 2 years ago. Therefore, it may be able to available the compatibility issues.

Brute Force Login Protection

The Brute Force Login Protection is a one purpose WordPress security plugin. Through using the .htaccess file, it protects your WordPress website against to the attacks by blocking the attackers IP address for a specific time period.

Clef Two- Factor Authentication

Clef WordPress plugin have interesting and past way to secure your WordPress login. By installing the Clef mobile app on your Android Smartphone or IOS Smartphone, this plugin will work.

For the login to the WordPress, Them you have to open the app available in your mobile phone and hold it in front of the WordPress login screen. Then you have to line up the patterns on both devices. Then you will be able to sing to the WordPress site. There are available two versions as Clef free and pro version.

Google Authenticator

Through the Google Authentication WordPress security plugin, it provides the two- step or two- factor authentication to the WordPress. You will be able to signing in using username and password only. Otherwise it done authentication is done for every new device such as a text, voice call or a mobile app.

When we consider the above mention second authentication, it is required once per device. So that makes sure to do it one time per device. In addition to this plugin provide the support for security key plugins available in the USB port.

WP Antivirus Site Protection

According to the name of WP Antivirus Site Protection, you also can get an idea regarding the plugin. According to that, it protects your WordPress site against viruses and malware.

This free security plugin will protect your WordPress, through scanning all your WordPress installation files to detect and remove the threats such as malware, worms, spyware, backdoors, hidden links, root kits, adware, Trojan horses and fraud tools.

For the scanning process, this security plugin use the Siteguarding.com API to the scan files against the daily updated virus database. When the plugin identify the any thrats, it will appear in your WordPress Admin dashboard and if you want, it will send a message via email.


Now we are in the end part of the article. It is your own responsibility to take action to ensure the security of your WordPress website. And make sure to keep update version of your WordPress, themes and plugins. In addition to, you should maintain strong passwords. And also, don’t install themes or plugings from not trusted sources.

To make sure the security of your WordPress website through adding more security layers for your WordPress website. For that, it is necessary to install a one security plugin at least.

Through this article, we listed the best security plugin for the WordPress. So you can use any security plugin listed in this article. And we hope that this article will be a help you for selecting the best Security plugin for your WordPress site.

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