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Download DFU Flash Tool For All Versions



DFU Flash Tool is a small utility that allows you to flash or install firmware on Broadcom smartphones and tablets. Here on this page, we have shared the official DFU tools which can be used to multitask on Broadcom devices.

Features of DFU Flash Tool

Portable Application

It comes as a portable application, meaning you can use it without installing it on your computer. Download the tool and download it to your computer. Then click dfu.exe to run it.

Advanced Options

It came with advanced features that include ADB Fastboot Protocol, Boot USB Mode, Password Protection to protect settings and console tab, Calibration Mode after Download, Restarting device after flashing, Athena support, Generate Debug logs, Play sound after flashing, Turn off the device and Stress Test.

Multiple Mode

It supports several modes for flashing or installing standard firmware on your Broadcom device, including simple download mode, calibration mode, and boot mode.

Multiple Device Support

You can flash or install standard firmware on multiple Broadcom devices at the same time. Usage: Check multiple devices and select the number of devices using columns and rows

Download DFU Flash Tool

DFU tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 10.  were you looking for the latest version of the tool? then use the following links.

v2.01: DFU_Flash_Tool_v2.01.zip

v2.03: DFU_Flash_Tool_v2.03.zip

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