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Download WiseLink Tool For All Versions


WiseLink Tool is a little application for Windows Computer, which permits you to streak stock firmware on different Mediatek cell phones and Tablets.

Here on this page, you can track down the most recent adaptation of the WiseLink Tool alongside the past renditions.

Highlights of WiseLink Tool

Supports Scatter File

it permits you to Flash or introduces Mediatek Firmware dependent on Scatter File. Snap on the Browse fasten and find the Scatter record, and you are prepared to streak it on your Mediatek Device (follow Guide).

Different Flashing Methods

It permits you to streak stock firmware utilizing the Local Download Method and Server Download Method. Other than this, it likewise upholds MultiPort Flashing on different Mediatek cell phones and Tablets.

Compose and Readback Function

It permits you to peruse the gadget segment information and Write Memory Function (gadget determined counterbalance address) on your Mediatek Smartphone and Tablets. Other than this, it likewise permits you to peruse and compose gadget PRO_INFO segment data.

Arrangement and Writing Options

It permits you to design the predefined Partition on your Mediatek Smartphone and tablets and compose Hardware Information simultaneously.

Different Features

Other significant highlights are: read the plant model test report, encryption, and decoding of factory.ini document, SMT last assessment station.


Download WiseLink Tool

WiseLink is viable with all variants of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 10 (x32 or x64 bit). In the event that on the off chance that you were searching for the most recent rendition of the WiseLink, at that point utilize the accompanying connects to get it on your PC:

v3.1.0.29: Wiselinktool_v3.1.0.29.zip (key not working)

v3.5.0.33: Wiselinktool_v3.5.0.33.zip (key not working)

v3.8.0.36: Wiselinktool_v3.8.0.36.zip (key not working)

v4.1.0.39: Wiselinktool_v4.1.0.39.zip (key not working)

v4.3.0.41: Wiselinktool_v4.3.0.41.zip (key not working)

v4.6.0.44: Wiselinktool_v4.6.0.44.zip (key not working)

v4.8.1.46: Wiselinktool_v4.8.1.46.zip (key not working)

v5.5.0.53: Wiselinktool_v5.5.0.53.zip (work without key)

v5.8.0.56: Wiselinktool_v5.8.0.56.zip (work without key)

v5.9.0.57: Wiselinktool_v5.9.0.57.zip (work without key)

v5.9.1.57: Wiselinktool_v5.9.1.57.zip (work without key)

v6.0.1.59: Wiselinktool_v6.0.1.59.zip (work without key) 

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