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Fix Android charging problems by yourself


Did you felt your smartphone is having a charging issue? Does it take too much time to charge and you are finding a cause. Try these simple tricks at your home. You can solve the issue by yourself without going to the service center and spending time and money.

Causes for the charging problems

Faults in your equipment -   usually for the charging process you need an adapter, USB cable, power socket. Why your phone is not charging can be because of the faults in the adapter, USB cable or the power socket.

Charging port - This issue is on your phone. Charging port mostly in the upper or lower part of the phone. It may have some defects due to that your phone is maybe not charging.

Software faults – Phone is a combination of hardware and software. Android versions of your mobile and software collapse are also reasons for that.

Third-party apps – Usually most users used to use third-party apps for some reason. This is also may be a reason why your phone is not charging.

Trick 01 - Check your port

With the time of usage charging port may have dust, lint stuck in it. These can slow your charging process or distract it. See whether there is dust in it. You can use the flashlight for that. If there is dust clean it and try your phone is charging. There is a metal tab in the charging port. If this is disordered it may cause the charging. You can power off the device, remove the battery if you can and then gently lift the tab using a toothpick or a needle. Then check again.

Trick 02 – Change the cable

You can take help from your friend for this trick. Ask a USB cable from your friend mostly if it is the same brand as your phone charger. Try that cable. If the phone charging properly the fault was with the cable. Buy a new cable or use another cable when you charging.

Trick 03 – Change the power source

If you used to charge your phone using an adapter switch it to the power bank or a computer. If you were charging using a computer change it to a power bank or to the adapter. Then see is your phone is charging or not. If yes change the power source you used to use.

Trick 04 – Reboot the device

Computer devices sometimes lag because of not having refresh. If you used your mobile without rebooting it for a long time this also may a cause. So reboot your device and see.

Trick 05 – Revise the OS version

New os version sometimes may be a problem for the sudden changes. If you recently upgrade the os version just downgrade it to the previous one and check the problem get solved or not.

Trick 06 – Change the battery

Most of the time charging problems happen because of the faults in the battery. You can ask the battery for your friend. In this take a battery of a phone which is the same as the same brand of your phone. You can find it easily among your friends. Put that new battery and see the device is charging or not. If it is charging you can buy a new battery or if you have a warranty you can meet the service center people and solve the issue.

 Trick 07 – Find the best power source

Different devices need different ampere amount to charge the battery. Your device is having issues may be because you are using wrong, inappropriate power sources for that. Long term of doing that can cause for problems in battery or device. You can use third-party apps for that.


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