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How can I check and see if my phone is rooted

Am I rooted or not?


Finally you managed to root your mobile. After going through a number of instructions which you hardly understood or you downloaded a program to the computer and let it run. How you can check whether the phone is rooted or not?
This is very important as most mobile phone manufacturers don’t want us to root the device by ourselves. Because it is not a simple procedure like installing an app from Google Play. Similarly it doesn’t work as you wish. So you have to check whether rooting has completed successfully and whether it is working properly or not. Gladly, the checking part is very simple. 🙂 

  • If you used a “systemless root” method and all completed without an issue, undoubtedly you are rooted for all intents and purposes.
  • You can further check and confirm it by downloading a root checker app from Google Play. Just open the app and follow the instructions to confirm.
  • Another option is to use a terminal. You can download all types of terminal apps from Google Play. Just open the app and enter the word “su” (without the quotations) and tap return. There will be a dialog asking you to allow the terminal app to run as root from a root control app. That’s a positive point. Additionally if your login prompt changes from $ to #, you are the superuser. You can perform this via ADB from your PC even.
Please keep in mind that checking is not enough after a root. You have to have something as a watcher so that apps won’t do root “stuff” without your permission. If you don’t have a monitoring app after rooting, ask for help from the rooting instructors.
And BE CAREFUL! 🙄 Allowing root permission is a very good way to ruin the software on your phone. Especially if you are not paying enough attention or doing something without the awareness of its consequences. Do thorough research several times before attempting any procedure.

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