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How to create and Restore Nandroid Backup on any TWRP supported device


Through referring this article, you can get knowledge regarding creating and restore Nandroid backup on TWRP supported devices. We can observe the most number of options in the Android ecosystem. Its open-source nature is very helpful and the possibility of open-source nature is endless. With the ambition of stopping the users from tweaking the device’s OS, every manufacturer ships their device with a locked boot loader. However, a lot of tech enthusiasts try to explore the unhidden territory through go ahead. Because of that unblocked boot loader is essential to every device. After that, you can install different types of custom ROM in your device. Through flashing custom recovery like TWRP, you can root your device via Magisk or try tons of modules or framework.

Every coin has two sides. Here it also has two sides. It may be a risk-taking, if you done direct changes to the device’s system partitions and the root directory. Just a slight error may be occurring boot loop or even worse a bricked device. In a normal scenario, through backing your device, you can easily use the backup and restore option. But, all features will be useless, if your device does not boot up.

If you can’t boot up your device with the above features, there are available some pretty and easy methods to resolve your problem. From the TWRP recovery, you will be able to create an entire backup, including data, boot, and even the EFS partition simply. The rest of the article provides concerning steps.

How to create and Restore Nandroid Backup on any TWRP supported device

It identifies as Nandroid backup, which created by TWRP. The best part of this backup, it can access this backup and restore functionality. Although if your device doesn’t boot to the system.

It should have an unlocked boot loader in your device and also you should install a TWRP Recovery system in your device. And also, considerable free storage must-have in your device. The following steps provide knowledge of the requited instruction to create Nandroid backup using TWRP Recovery.

How to create a Nandroid backup via TWRP Recovery

Using a key combination of your device or using the ADB commands you can start your device to TWRP recovery. After that go to the command prompt window which is located inside the platform tool folder and open it (Part of Android SDK and platform tools). After that connect your device to PC via USB (with USB Debugging enabled) and enter the command.
Tap on the backup option which is suited inside the TWRP Recovery.
As the next option, you have to select the partitions to backup. It is better to select all available partitions, although data partition is quite heavy. If those partitions are heavy, it may keep the data of all the system and pre-installed apps. Therefore, it more suitable to select that a well.
It allows you to change the backup location. Internal storage is selected by default. If supported, you can change it by choosing a Micro SD card or USB OTG in the selected storage.
If you want, you can change the name of the backup. For that enter the desired name on the Auto-generate keyboard right below the name field.
With your selected partitions, swipe on the swipe to the Backup button show at the bottom. It takes considerable time according to the size of the partitions. Because of that you have to wait until the finish that Backup process. (Data partition takes more time.)
It shows a message as <Backup completed in X seconds>, after it is done; now you can boot your device back to the system.
By now, it’s covered all requirements to create a Nandroid backup via TWRP Recovery. Keep a copy of backup in your SD card or in a pen drive, It is highly recommended because it may be quite difficult to access into the internal storage if the device ends up in boot loop or gets bricked.

Restore Nandroid Backup via TWRP

Through the above steps doing correctly, it almost creates a backup successfully. Now pay attention to the steps, which are to restore this Nandroid backup via TWRP recovery.

First of all, using hardware key combinations, your device boot to TWRP Recovery. Otherwise, it facilitates to enter into the fast boot mode. Select the fast boot option using the Volume key and use the power key to confirm your selection.
Tap on restore option located inside the TWRP Recovery. You can choose the desired backup under the select package to restore. If you backup available in SD card or USB, tap on select storage and select the desired storage.
Now you make sure to you have selected all partitions for restoration. When you have done it, perform a right swipe among the swipe to restore option. Now you have to wait sometime until complete the process.
It takes some time to Nandroid Restore via TWRP recovery. When it complete, you can boot your device back to the system.


Through the above steps, you can get knowledge regarding the process of creating and restoring the Nandroid backup using TWRP recovery. Because of that, it should be the top of the bucket list in creating a Nandroid backup, as soon as unlocked the device bootloader and install TWRP. You can follow the above steps to restore the Nandroid backup when your device bootload or bricked. Then your device will start working again.


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