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How to extract Files From Zip


This Post will give you a guide about extracting and compressing Files. First lets look at extracting files from any ZIP format. For this, you will need to third party app called WinRaR. there is alternator also called 7 zip. We recommend you to use Winrar because it is advance one and free trail. 7 Zip is free software.

♥ Note–  What is the Stock & Custom Rom? Firmware? Bootloader?

Download Extract Tool



Download and install Extract Software ( if you use 32 bit Computer then download 32 bit one. This link provide 64bit.



 WinRar ask permissions while installing give it Full permissions by Clicking tiks.

Extract Files From Zip

After install, Find Zip formatted File and right Click it. 


After right click, Click the Winrar and there are 4 or more options. If you want to extract files for same folder  then click “extract Here”. Then you can the extracted files. or you can also choose path to extract.

If you dont like to extract and you only need to see the content that Zip. then click “Open With Winrar” then you see inside of Zip like below


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