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How to unlock Bootloader of LG devices- Step by Step


Unlocking Bootloader of LG Devices

Hello Everyone! Welcome to flash stock ROM. I have come with another interesting topic today to unlock Bootloader of LG devices. I have already written the articles for the same in Moto, Sony Xperia and HTC devices as well. We unlock Bootloader mainly so that we can flash the device in future to have an extended control and extra features. By default, the Bootloaders will be locked by manufacturer’s keeping the security of the devices in mind. 


  1. It is always better to have the data back-up when we are dealing with the firmware and flashing things.
  2. Charge up your phone to at least 50-60 %, since the flashing takes some time and to be on the safer side.
  3. Have an application for extracting the files on your computer. If you don’t have any such application, then please download and install 7zip and Winzip prior for going through the further steps.
  4. The device should first buckle up to developer mode. To do so, just follow the mentioned steps. Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number. Tap on build number for 6 to 7 times to enable the developer option.
  5. Now enable the USB debugging by just following the mentioned steps. Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging.


This may result in your warranty going void. So, make sure you are okay with this. Even though you can roll back this step in some devices, it would leave some trail for sure. So, be sure about this.


  1. Download adb-fastboot-tool-2016.zip on the Computer/ PC from which you have planned the device flashing from extract it using the pre- installed programmes.
  2. Open the command prompt and point it to the adb fastboot folder.
  3. Connect the device which you want to flash to the Computer/PC from which you are flashing from.
  4. Type the below shown command in command prompt and click enter button once done. adb reboot bootloader
  5. The phone should be in the fast boot mode before unlocking. Type the below shown command after step 4 fastboot oem device-id
  6. A unique key from the manufacturers side is also needed while unlocking bootloader. This can be found by running the below shown command in command prompt.

$ fastboot oem device-id


(bootloader) Device-ID

(bootloader) CD58B679A38D6B613ED518F37A05E013

(bootloader) F93190BD558261DBBC5584E8EF8789B1


  1. The device ID will be displayed when you run the above shown command. Copy the device ID from the Command prompt by marking it. It will be identical to the once shown below.
  2. Go to LG device developer page-> http://developer.lge.com/resource/mobile/RetrieveBootloader.dev and enter the device model name and all the other required fields and hit confirm.                         
  3. A mail will be received on your registered mail ID containing unlock.bin
  4. Copy the same to adb fastboot tool folder.
  5. Come back to Command prompt and type the command shown next. fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin  
  6. The next command shown will unlock the phone and also does the factory set up on the device. Copy paste or type the same in command prompt and click on enter.
  7. The process will take some time, wait patiently.
  8. The device should be restarted once the process is done, it should work normally then.

Congratulations on unlocking the Bootloader. I hope the post came in handy for the flashing. If you are facing any issues in following any of these steps, then feel free to drop a comment. One of us from our team will get back to you quickly. Also, go through the other posts as well. Thanks!


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