How to set up Swipe Up keyboard on Samsung Galaxy A10e | enable Swipe or Trace typing

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The fifteen-inch screen size of the Samsung Galaxy A10e makes it hard to handle the typing with one hand. Fortunately, there exists a process that can make the above happen.  By setting up  Swipe Up keyboard feature on Samsung Galaxy A10e, one can simply swipe on the keyboard with hardly any effort. If you are interesting in making your life easy, you are just in the right place. By default, this feature is not activated. Therefore, it is a  must to enable it first.

Steps to set up Swipe Up keyboard on Samsung Galaxy A10e

 💡 Follow the steps stated below  to set up Swipe Up keyboard on Samsung Galaxy A10e

  • Go to Settings app.
  • Select General management.
  • Tap on Language and input.
  • Choose On-screen keyboard.
  • Select Samsung keyboard.
  • Choose Smart typing.
  • Scroll down and then tap Keyboard Swipe.
  • You will be having three options:
  • No swipe gestures
  • Swipe to type
  • Cursor control
  • You are able to choose either Swipe to type or Cursor control.

After this step, you are almost done. The last thing you have to do after selecting your preferred keyboard is to go back to the Home screen to open any app, preferably the messaging app, and try it out.

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