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How To Use Huawei Smartphone Multi Download Software


These are instructions for using Huawei Smartphone Multi-Download Software to Flash or install firmware on Qualcomm-based Huawei Smartphones and Tablets.


You must have valid XML-based firmware on your Huawei smartphone or tablet.

Install .xml Firmware using Huawei Smartphone Multi Download Software

Step 1

Download and download the Huawei Smartphone Multi software to your computer. After extracting, you can see the following files


Step 2

Now download ProductLine Driver for Qualcomm Driver and Visual C Plus and install it on your PC. Alternatively, you can find links to all 4 drivers in the tools folder.


step 3

Now open QPBLFBML01.exe to start Huawei multi-download tool


step 4

After starting Huawei Multi Download Software, the following screen will be displayed


Step 5

Now click the preview button


step 6

Now you will be asked to set a password. Leave the password field blank and click SetButton.


Step 7

Now find the XML file from the firmware folder (to show you an example, we’ve selected the firmware).



step 8

Now click the Next button


step 9

Now you can see the following window


step 10

Now connect your Huawei device to your computer (make sure your device is in fast start or download mode).



step 11

Now click on the Scan and Download  button to start the flashing process


step 12

The blinking may now take several minutes.


When the flashing is done, disconnect the device from the computer and restart it.

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