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If Your Samsung galaxy S7 edge fell in to the water


Are you not one of the budget phone user ? You are an expensive, luxury phone owner and don’t know what to do if some accident happen to your mobile. As an expensive mobile user you need to know about things what you do and don’t when a circumstances like above. Mobile phones mostly fell in to the water and it is a common accident we all face. This articles is about what you should not do after your phone fell in to the water.

What damages water can do?

Actually water can do serious damage to your phone. It can damage the circuits in the phone and circuits damages can be make multiple failures in the phone.

  • Display is in black color (“black screen of death”).
  • Device is not turn on.
  • Flicker screen.
  • Random reboots or shutdowns.
  • Sound is mute.

Is few water drops can cause a problem?

Yes. Actually not only water moist stuck in the phone which after device fell in to the water but also few water also can make serious damage to your device. So few amount of water also can do a serious damage but it is depend on what part of your phone touches the water.

What should I do after S7 Edge fell in the water?

Samsung S7 edge is not waterproof it is water resistance yet you need to aware what to do in that kind of situation. Follow these steps and you can reduce the damage you are doing to the phone unknowingly.


Tip 01 – Don’t turn on user device

If your mobile automatically switched off after it fell in to the water don’t panic and try to turn on it. It may cause for multiple circuit failures. So don’t rush wait and remove the battery, dry your device. If needed get technical support.

Tip 02 – Turn off your device

If your device didn’t turn off automatically then better to turn off your device first. Don’t try to turn on your phone. Clean it and dry it then turn on it. Carefully observe if there is any issue after turn on your device at least until one week.

Tip 03 – Don’t try to charge your phone

Don’t charge your S7 edge after immediate it fell in water. Without our concern water or moist can be stuck in the phone. Charging means your phone is also get heat up and having electric field connected. This may can make circuit failure or other damage so don’t charge your phone after it fell in to the water.

Tip 04 – Don’t shake your phone

Most of people used to shake their phone after it fell into the water. That is not a good thing. It is not making anything good. It is only making things worst. When you shake your phone water can spread in the phone in and out so it makes the damage further.

Tip 05 – Let water to go out

Hold your phone upright and let the water to slowly go out from the phone. Don’t use hair blower to evaporate it.

Tip 06 – Put the phone inside rice

Rice is natural water absorbent source. If you can find a bowl of rice remove your phone cover and put it in the rice bowl until two days. After two days check your phone works properly.

Tip 07 – Wrap it

You can use this method for low amount of water damages to your phone. You can use cloth and wrap it.

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