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Rapid heating of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Heating is normal for mobile phones. Following are some situations where this is a common incident; When device is used for a long period of time. When running multiple complex apps at the same time as well as while charging. But…

The Best 11 Free Antivirus Apps for Android 2019

An exemplar to an unavoidable gadget always, the smartphone appears to the prominent. It's no longer just for communication, sensitive info, secrets of an individual holder too. What would happen if it leaks the essentials of you and let

Things to Do If Your Galaxy Smartphone Gets Wet

Have you ever experienced your smartphone gets wet with water or any other liquid? Do you know the way to fix it out? If you don’t, you may keep reading. Here you go. If your Galaxy smartphone gets wet or is suffering from water damage,…

Having issues with Micro SD card ?

Although Samsung Galaxy S7 has facilitated it's uses to expand the phone  storage with a micro SD card, many uses have complained about some issues with it. Some of the issues that they have come across are frequent popping up of…