Magisk vs SuperSU | What's the best Method to root Android

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Magisk vs SuperSU | What's the best Method to root Android

Nowadays thousands of Android devices used Magisk instead of SuperSU to root their Android. But how it possible? Let's discuss on Magisk Vs SuperSU to get an idea about the best rooting method for Android now!

We all know Android is an operating system that is widely used among smart devices since it introduced. Now it so improved and highly customized. When we look at the past few years Android has become better and better, also secure. It's rooting solution provide more privileged features to modify their android phones. The android ecosystem had some rooting methods since it introduced time. It gave users an open environment to allow them to develop the things that they want at the time to time.

Although we use word root, many of you do not know the real idea of this word. Actually what is rooting? Let's see the answer.

We all know there is an Operating System "Linux". This term root, coming from this Linux OS. Android is originated from the Linux kernel.  So the term root comes up, convolution with android. The overall outcome of the rooting is, it provides accessibility of system files of the operating system to the user. 

To get various outcomes Android users subject to their phones rooting. The rooting process allows us to improve performance by fine adjustment to android. We can modify User Interface of our devices using these applications. Using system files we can get the opportunity of enhanced battery optimization. Titanium Backup and Greenify are applications that come up with the greatest root inventions. By 2019 we can see an endless list of apps that can access rooted android phones. From them you can get an awesome Android experience.

Superuser and SuperSU

We can discuss divide into several parts.

Firstly we need to know the difference between Superuser and SuperSU. Early days many developers researching to introduce/ custom most of the features for Android. There was a custom recovery called ClockworkMod. It was developed for Android. Using that custom recovery Users able to flash the Superuser. Using superuser android users was satisfied with the path which it can easily root the android phone. Superuser developed by KOUSH. ClockworkMod and Superuser were developed by Chainfire. In the Android world he recognizes as root-god.

Secondly, we move on to The fame of SuperSU:

Although the Superuser and SuperSU had same features to experienced, SuperSU becomes more and more popular among the Android users, because of their continuous updates help to grab smoothly working experience. Chainfire also takes care of his product to be smart with continuous updates. He introduces some other packages for Samsung galaxy and googles Nexuses, named CF-Auto root. This package brought the easiest way to root those devices. Using this package Users may only need to flash this single file into android and it automatically finished the rooting itself. From this innovation Google nexus and Samsung users do all the things doing one file zipping.

Google trying to more care about android security. They Started their next journey to give more secure with android,  from the Lollipop version. When Google turns into the marshmallow, it defaultly restricts the rooting android phones. Some rooting methods blemish the security of Android it causes to these default restrictions. Then our root-god develops and updates the SuperSU system that can deal with the newest Android OS.

SuperSU acquired by a Chinese Company and Google introduced SafetyNet.

In 2015 One Chinese company brought SuperSU from our root-god, Chainfire. Then he states that though it sold he still collaborate with this company to taking care of SuperSU. At that time also SuperUS worked properly. Then in 2016 Google able to launch SafetyNet. But it simply restricted some applications on rooting phones. It was a problem for root users.

Birth of Magisk:


In 2016 there was a famous XDA developer named TOPJOHNWU. He released a Script called Magisk. Magisk has the capability of bypassing SafeNet. It was laid the foundation for a systemless rooting. Magisk brought a new chapter for android. However customers are a little bit worried about the SuperSU. Then Magisk came to popular among the users because it allowed playing a game called, "Pokemon go" on rooted devices. Magisk has its own Magisk manager. It allowed for root devices to install mods on the go. By now magisk manager contain thousands of modules.

The reasons that cause to SuperSU updates halted

Up to now Chainfire updates his SuperSU for a systemless rooting. In 2019 May Chainfire announced a message on his Google+ post to users. He said that he is retiring. But wouldn't the end of SuperSU. Still, SuperSU working on millions of Android devices. Because of developer's other projects they are busy.. so SuperUS will not see further Android updates.

SuperSU and Magisk in 2020

By now there are two most famous root solutions, those are Magisk and SuperSU. When the Magisk introduced, many users grab it and they do not turn to SuperSU anymore. However, when you going to root your Android device first time, there may be only one question that can do mess your mind. That question is what is the script you may use to root your phone. Here we can explain that in pointwise. Then you can get the decision to select the best fitted rooting solution for your android phone.

  • SuperSU had some Modified system early time, and then it moves to the Systemless rooting method, while Magisk has a systemless rooting since its birth.
  • SuperSU in limited control, while Magisk manager enhanced control over root behavior.
  • SuperSU can only root the phone and Magisk has lots of modules to modify the phone on the go.
  • SuperSU brought by a Chinese company called CCMT, but Magisk still runs by its own developer named, TOPJOHNWU and other android developers.
  • SuperSU has been bypassed by SafeNet and Bypass SafeNet, with its initial version.
  • SuperSU is a close source, and Magisk is open source                                  


Conclusion: SuperSU is a legacy / legendary but Magisk is the winner 2019. SuperSU being a Close source. It means Chainfire gets to retire and other developers are busy with another project. So there is nothing any further updates. Some times SuperUS stuck with some reasons, but Magisk still grows and enhancing the features of its. Magisk still supports the  Android P's developer preview. The development should not only be active but also it should be fast. So Magisk fulfills that capability also. So, guys, It can say The Best method to Rooting Androids, we can undoubtedly recommend Magisk!!!

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