Odin for Beginners | Flash Like Pro

Odin for Beginners | Flash Like Pro

Are you using a Samsung smartphone? Is your Samsung smartphone slower than it is? Getting errors? Getting stuck? The only solution is to flash your smartphone. How do you flash your Samsung smartphone? Did you know that Samsung has created a special tool for their customers to flash their phones? It sounded nice when you heard that, right?

With the development of technology, Samsung introduced Odin, a tool to flash Samsung Galaxy devices. When the Samsung device model changes, the flashing procedure changes with it.

Let's see how to easily flash your Samsung smartphone using the Odin tool.

Requirements for Flashing :

  • Your phone must be a Samsung smartphone
  • Download the firmware file that matches your Samsung device.
  • Download and install the Odin tool on to your PC.
  • Download and install Samsung USB drivers compatible with your phone
  • To enable the USB Debugging option, go to Settings> Developers options.
  • Be sure to back up all the data you need on your device before flashing.
  • Requires an original USB cable and a working laptop
  • Your phone should have at least 60% battery percentage

Step 01

First, unzip the firmware zip file you downloaded.

Odin for Beginners | Flash Like Pro

Step 02

Run the Odin tool installed on your PC as an Administrator.

Odin for Beginners | Flash Like Pro

Step 03

To reboot your Samsung device into download mode, press Volume Down + Home + Power button simultaneously for several seconds until the Android warning sign to appear.

Odin for Beginners | Flash Like Pro

To continue, select Volume up and select Continue.

Step 04

Now connect your Samsung Smartphone to the PC via USB cable. Check the ID: COM section to see if your device is connected to Odin.

Odin for Beginners | Flash Like Pro

Step 05

Now click on the AP / PDA button and select the firmware file(tar.md5) that you downloaded. (Older versions have PA instead of PDA)

Odin for Beginners | Flash Like Pro

Step 06

Be patient until the file is analyzed.

Step 07

Then click on the Start button at the bottom to start the Flashing process through the Odin tool.

Odin for Beginners | Flash Like Pro

Step 08

Wait a little longer, as this process takes about five minutes to complete.

After completing the flashing process, the Odin screen will appear in green in the form of "PASS". Then your Samsung smartphone will automatically reboot.

Odin for Beginners | Flash Like Pro

You've just successfully flashed your Samsung smartphone. I think you could easily flash your Samsung smartphone through this guideline.

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