Sucuri vs CloudFlare (Pros and Cons)

Now the website security is a vital factor in today’s digital platform. Website owners may pay more attention to enhance web security. As there are more threats against the website security. Hence, many users try to obtain support from online services which are offer website firewalls, CDN, and DDoS protection services. The Sucuri and Cloudflare are the two best online services available in the market which ensure web security. This article provides you a detailed comparison and mainly highlights the advantages and disadvantages of Sucuri and Cloudflare.

Today the most secured websites around the globe have become the victims of DDoS attacks, hacking attempts, and malware injection. As WordPress owners, you will have already follow the security tips such as password protecting admin directory, limiting login attempts and two-factor authentication and etc on your WordPress website.

Even you implement those security tips, your website will open to other types of attacks. Because those security tips only work on the software level. Hence, those attacks may lead to a big financial loss, data loss, poor search rankings, and bad user experience.

Sucuri and CloudFlare offer a website application firewall (WAF)

If you use Sucuri or Cloudflare, your website traffic will go through the server scanners. The firewall blocks malicious requests before those are reach to the website. Sucuri and Cloudflare services are nearly identical. But they have some key differences. This article has focused on the points such as features, pricing, and malware removal services to do the comparison.

Sucuri and Cloudflare comparison


Both Sucuri and Cloudflare offer different plans with various features. However, those plans do not come with all the features.

Cloudflare Features

Cloudflare offers free CDN services. This is their best-known feature. Basically, CloudFlare specializes in mitigating DDoS attacks. They secure your website from DDoS attacks by using their Website Application Firewall product. The most important factor is that Cloudflare retains the site available to users during an attack or under heavy traffic when the server is not responsive. The Cloudflare firewall blocks suspicious traffic before it reaches the website and extends to form submission which safe the website from comment spam and registration spam.

CloudFlare’s plans include free and custom SSL certificates. Their free and pro plans only allow you to use Cloudflare issued certificates. However, you have to upgrade the Business or Enterprise plan to get their custom certificates. They offer free CDN and they are available paid plans for other features including Website Application Firewall.

Cloudflare does not give server scanning services. Hence, there is an issue with detecting malware. As well as they do not give a malware removal guarantee.

Sucuri Features

Sucuri is a reputable website security and monitoring service. Specially they offer comprehensive website monitoring, scanning for malware, DDoS protection, and malware removal services for users. As well as, Sucuri gives CloudProxy which is a website firewall and load balancing service. Sucuri blocks DDoS attacks, code injection, bad bots, and other website threats to manage suspicious traffic coming to the site. You can further refer to the case study on how Sucuri that helped us block 450,000 attacks in 3 months.

As well as Sucuri integrates the free Let’s Encrypt SSL for the basic plan and it can use custom SSL certificates with the professional and business plans.

The important thing is that Sucuri scans the website for file changes, code injection, and malware on a regular basis. Sucuri obtains support from CMS software to clean up hacked sites. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the CMS software which Sucuri get support to do it. As well as Sucuri offers the best package of tools and services such as Website Firewall, Load balancing, Malware cleanup, and hack repair.


Pricing is the most sensitive factor for small website owners. Both Sucuri and Cloudflare offer different pricing plans. So, you can purchase the best plan for you according to the requirements.

Cloudflare pricing plan

As explained earlier, CloudFlare gives a free CDN service for all its customers. Hence, you can utilize your CDN regardless of the traffic volume. Because you do not need to pay for bandwidth. However, this free plan of CloudFlare does not include the website application firewall. So, you should concern about that. Because you have the free benefit from CDN, but the free plan does not ensure security against DDoS attacks, spam, bad traffic and etc. So, you have to make a payment to obtain improved security for your site.

You can obtain the web application firewall by purchasing the Pro plan of CloudFlare and advanced DDoS mitigating and custom SSL features by purchasing the Business plan.

Sucuri Pricing plan

Sucuri does not available a free plan like Cloudflare. The web security stack plan starts at $199.99 which is cheaper than the Pro plan of Cloudflare. The Sucuri’s basic plan contains full website monitoring, website application firewall, DDoS protection, malware removal, and free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate. As well as Sucuri gives incentives for their higher paying plans.

For instance, malware removal estimate time for the basic plan is 12hours, 6 hours for the professional plan, and 4 hours for the business plan. But the actual cleanup timing is faster than that for all customers. When considering the pricing, Sucuri is the most selected one by small companies.

Malware removal service

WordPress owners face common threats of malware and code injections very often. Both Sucuri and Cloudflare have security tips to protect the website against those threats.

Cloudflare – Security Malware removal

In Cloudflare, the security firewall facility is available in the paid plan. It contains CloudFlare’s ready to use custom rules set and it will secure the site from common code injection hacks, XSS JavaScript exploits, and form submissions. Cloudflare does not offer file changes detection, malware scanning, and blacklist monitoring.

– Security and Malware removal

Basically, Sucuri is mainly focused on security. Because Sucuri is specialized in monitoring websites and protecting them against malware. It secures the website against DDoS, SQL injections, XSS JavaScript injections, comment, and contact form spam. As well as if your website becomes a victim of those threats even it has implemented security barriers, then security takes the responsibility to clean up the website free of charge.


Both Cloudflare and Sucuri give the security for your website against DDoS attacks. However, it does a little better in the content delivery network area. Sucuri offers the overall features, better security monitoring, and low prices. Sucuri can be recommended if you using a CMS such as WordPress. So, this article will support you to identify the advantages and disadvantages of both Sucuri and Cloudflare.

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