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Sucuri vs CloudFlare (Pros and Cons)

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Now the website security is a vital factor in today’s digital platform. Website owners may pay more attention to enhance web security. As there are more threats against the website security. Hence, many users try to obtain support from online services which are offer website firewalls, CDN, and DDoS protection services. The Sucuri and Cloudflare …

How to Find a Backdoor in a hacked WordPress site and fix it

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Your hacked WordPress site must be clean up properly. Otherwise, it allows hackers to get in back to your website again. Because most of the hackers create backdoors as the first task when they are hacking a website. Those created backdoors can bypass normal authentication in your site. Hence if you are not clean up …

How to stop and prevent a DDoS attack on WordPress

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WordPress offers powerful features and a secure codebase. So WordPress is one of popular the famous websites around the globe. Nowadays DDoS attacks are common on the internet. But sometimes these powerful features and secured codebase in the WordPress website are unsuccessful in protecting WordPress from DDoS attacks. The WordPress website will slow down and …