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The Best 11 Free Antivirus Apps for Android 2019


An exemplar to an unavoidable gadget always, the smartphone appears to the prominent. It’s no longer just for communication, sensitive info, secrets of an individual holder too. What would happen if it leaks the essentials of you and let other parties reveal the story? Shocking right? 🙄 Therefore, or is your safety precaution to safeguard the Android device with security apps, and these are free at your tour to the Google Play Store. 🙂 

01.Avast Mobile Security

avast antivirus app
avast antivirus app

As to the AV-Test Avast is the top-ranking Android malware scanner protecting multiple platforms worldwide. A single tap starts off to scan for the danger.
Some in-app purchases are available to remove advertisements and provide accessibility to app locking and also advance SIM security, camera trap, etc. Irrespective of that free version grants incredible all-around security with review in the time you are staying on each app, junk cleaning to wipe cache and residuals, vault for safeguarding photos against undesirable access, and safe web browsing by the web shield.

02.Bitdefender Antivirus Free

bitdifender antivirus application
Bitdifender antivirus application

Against all weighty threats, Bitdefender is robust. Being a lightweight antivirus app uses technology in-the-cloud scanning, resulting ability to scan super fast. It does not slow your device or drain the battery at all. Real-time protection is so appreciated. Supporting Android wear devices, VPN integration to access blocked websites, once connected to a trusted smart unlock feature for unlocking apps, make it worthy of trying out.

If you like to try the paid version, they grant 14 days free trial to try malware scan, the privacy of accounts, anti-theft, app lock, and web security.

03.Norton Security & Antivirus

Even it’s a free form, the most recent variant of Norton is an impressive security guard that provides 100% detection and malware removal, spyware, or whatever slower down the Android. Triggering an alarm if the device missed, remotely locking the gadget to prevent the robbery of data, or unwanted or SMS block are quality adders. It likewise possesses a stand-alone app locker and password manager too.

  • Insecure connections of Wi-Fi scanning notifications
  • flagging the threaten websites during web surfing
  • unwanted calls, and muting spam to block calls
  • view unauthorized access to photographs are distinctive features

If you test the advanced premium highlights, you have 30 days.

04.AVG Antivirus

The hearty AVG antivirus by AVG Technologies is a supplemental of Avast antivirus. Dual engine empowered antivirus to eliminate viruses and malicious components, battery life performance boost, photograph locking photo vault, monitoring agent support to remotely capturing of photos and audio recording from mobile through the website are special AVG features.

  • Periodical scans
  • the security of Wi-Fi
  • RAM boost
  • junk clean
  • power save
  • call block

also features at AVG highlight the necessary standards of modern antivirus and cybersecurity programs. AVG features a cleaner, secure VPN, gallery app, and alarm clock Xtreme too.

05.Sophos Antivirus

Feature-filled Sophos Mobile Security is excellent free for Android, and it’s ad-free. Loss and theft security, security adviser to recommend improvements to the device, security authenticator, app locker and spam call blocker, web filter, passcode-protected apps, prevention of Wi-Fi from snooping are Sophos antivirus featuring for better device protection. When it has more than one million downloads, is proof of high defense against virus, malware, and Trojans.

06.Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky filters spam calls, investigate the lost mobile, downloaded apps’ background checking for malware. The premium version is expertise in anti-theft, real-time protection, app locker, and anti-phishing giving extra protection if you need to check, you can access for 30 days free trial.

07.Security Master

CM Security’s upgraded variety is Security Master, an all in one app. The defense wall from every sort of malware. Even the free version includes

  • app locker,
  • scanner,
  • Wi-Fi security,
  • message security,
  • notification,
  •  junk cleaner
  • CPU cooler
  • battery saver
  • phone booster
  • call blocker

It is safe to browse into your famous Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Unique characteristics feature that anti-theft alarm, safe connecting VPN, hide notification preview message security, and intruder selfie ensuring the protection.

08.McAfee Mobile Security & Lock

No doubts that since it’s release, McAfee notably advanced with a security lock, anti-theft, Wi-Fi security, memory cleaner, battery optimizer. The interface is intuitive, gives tutorials for every feature. The complicated setup once pro version pick is a flaw here. Nevertheless, one of the best Android security apps ever. Furthermore explains how powerful the anti-theft, it equipped with theft cam for intruders, data wipe away remotely, anti-theft uninstall protection to prevent uninstalling the app by the thief, etc.

09.DFNDR Security

The antivirus is an all-in-one mobile protector, along with anti-phishing anti-hacking. Not only that, closing background apps to speed up the internet connection, which competes for the bandwidth. Even though the display ads annoy the user.We cannot consider the pros such as quick cleanup to wipe cache and junk files, passcode and fingerprint technology equipped app lock, regular updates to utilize the antivirus.

10.Avira Antivirus Security

Even Avira hear like lesser-known as an Android malware scanner, it does an incredible job as all other competitors. Suppose a moment of antivirus and privacy protection case, Avira scans external storage media and bring the report the app behavioral rate on a privacy scale. In a case, if the phone loses, prompt the one who now has the mobile to contact you. Avira protects your device from ransomware attacks. The paid version brings more security, such as additional browser security and camera, mic protection from snoopers.

11.360 Security

The app delivers antivirus protection, junk cleaner, multiple functioned lock screen, anti-theft protection, CPU cooler speed booster by cleaning RAM, and boost the gaming experience. Notwithstanding real-time protection, the multi-work lock screen for giving your mobile status straight to your cell phone’s lock screen, the antivirus application is free with in-app buys and advertisement displays. Call and SMS filter is so unique, and the app tracks intruder selfie whoever tries to break into the phone.

Antivirus is the “policeman” software for your precious mobile. For all viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkit, spam attacks, phishing, and other online cyber threat is on operation even when you blink. Therefore, concerning your device’s protection, our note antivirus ends here, letting you pick the best from the above. 🙂 

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