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The micro SD card doesn’t work

How to fix: For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge



The micro SD card in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge allows it’s users to expand external storage, up to 200 GB. Due to this number of users of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have also increased. This is good news for every user because you can store that much data on the phone.  But, many users have started to complain that they are facing issues with  micro SD card.

Some of these issues are,

  • unable to move apps to SD card
  • frequently showing pop up notifications
  • unable to read or detect the SD card.

This article will guide you through simple steps which might fix the the issue of not reading the micro SD card by your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. If your micro SD card is not detected by the phone ,it might be because the card is corrupted. This might not be due to damaging of the SD card, because manufactures are really careful in manufacturing the SD cards. Hence the SD cards are durable.Following instructions that we have given will fix this problem with minimum damage. 

Fixing micro SD card problem in Galaxy S7 Edge; that can’t read the SD card

Following steps will let you know weather the micro SD card is corrupted or damaged. These steps will also guide you to fix the micro SD card problem. 

If it is the first time the phone did not recognize the SD card, do as follows;

Step 1

Reboot the phone and check weather your Galaxy S7 Edge can detect and read the card during the boot up. Rebooting the phone will allow you to recognize weather this issue is due to SD card problem or weather it is due to system crashes/ firmware crashes. Because system crashes/ firmware cashes will unable the phone to read or detect the external storage/ the micro SD card. 

If the problem persists after the reboot , do the following step;

Step 2

Remove the SD card from your phone. Then, clean the SD card using a clean and dry cloth. wipe the interface of the SD card or receptors of the SD card. This step will help to remove any physical material on the micro SD card that will not allow to conduct properly (Ex:- corrosion). 

If the problem still persists, if your phone cannot read the SD card that it used to read, it is better to understand weather the problem is due to a problem with card or your phone. To do this follow the step 3 as mentioned below ;

Step 3

Use the laptop or the computer to to read the micro SD card. If  the card is corrupted the computer or the laptop will not be able to read the card. Then the computer or laptop will ask weather to reformat the card or not.

But if it can read the card and can access the card, backup the files and/ media in the card to make sure that they will not get deleted. After backing up the files reformat the card using FAT32. Afterwards, insert the card to your phone.

If your computer / laptop is still refusing to read the card the problem might be with the card not with the phone itself. Because computers can easily read removable devices, even the devices that have issues in them.

To further check weather there is a problem with the phone, use a different SD card that works and insert it to your Galaxy S7 Edge. If the phone cannot read the card then double check for anything that is blocking the SD card receptors.

If your phone can read another SD card but not the one which caused the problem, read the next step below;

Step 4

Replace your old micro SD card with a new one. You will not be able to backup the data, but sadly there will be no other choice for you. But if your phone cannot read other SD card s as well then it’s time to get your phone checked by a reliable mobile phone technician. Make sure to factory reset your phone before you give the technician to repair it to avoid all of your personal details getting exposed. follow the below steps when resetting your Galaxy S7 Edge;

How to reset your Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. First power off your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
  2. Then press and then hold the Home and Volume UP keys, while still pressing the Home and Volume UP keys, press and hold the Power key. Once you press and hold the power key the phone will start to respond, But do not release the hold of any of the keys now.
  3. Then the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will display on the screen. On this time release the Power key but continue holding the Home and Volume Up keys.
  4. Afterwards the Android logo will display on the screen, now you can release both release both Home and Volume Up keys.Then leave the phone be for about 30 to 60 seconds. Then Android system recovery menu will open. This might open after displaying the message ” installing system update”. But it is just the first phase of the process.
  5.  Then navigate through the options using the ‘volume down key’ and highlight the  ‘wipe data / factory reset’ option. Then Press the power key to select  ‘wipe data / factory reset’ option.
  6. Now you will be asked weather to delete all user data.For this highlight the option ‘Yes’ using the Volume Down key. Then press the Power button to select it.
  7. At this point the phone will do the Master Reset. Wait until this process finishes. After the process completes, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ with Volume Down key and press the Power key to select it.
  8. Now the factory resetting process is completed. Your phone will take more time reboot on this time than usual.

This article has given all the possible solutions for the the micro SD card is not working issue. Go through these steps and instructions one by one carefully;  Hopefully You will find a solution for this problem. If anything didn’t work, your trustful technical person will

be able to fix your phone and the problem for you.

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