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What is the best way to manage passwords for WordPress beginners

Why do you need to use a password manager?


You may have experience with difficulty in remembering your extract username or password for a particular login. Normally this is a common awful issue for everyone. This is happening due to maintaining many different usernames and passwords at a time. So it is better to have a method to manage usernames and passwords effectively. This is more important for WordPress users. This article brings a guide on the best way to manage passwords for WordPress’s new users. You can know the three best password management tools from this article.

Why do you need to use a password manager?

Many users maintain the same password for many years. However, it is not a safe practice. Because malicious users can reach all your information and then make serious damages to them. This happens commonly in the globe. Hence all security experts recommend using strong and unique passwords every time.

Normally you have many passwords to remember in your day to day tasks. You have to use various passwords for your email accounts, web hosting, social accounts, WordPress admin area and etc. This is not a simple task. Hence you require a password manager.

Simply the password manager stores all passwords of you and allows you to manage your passwords by one master password. As well as you are able to create strong passwords for your new accounts by using the password manager. Then you can save them to the cloud.

The best feature of the password manager is auto-fill functionality. This feature allows you not to remember your password further when you are logged into accounts. You can use the password manager app for your all devices finely by importing passwords stored in the browser. Then it is very easy to work and not need to remember passwords anymore.

Let’s see the three best password manager apps available in the market. Then you can obtain an idea about the best password manager app which suite your requirements.

  1. LastPass

What is the best way to manage passwords for WordPress beginners
What is the best way to manage passwords for WordPress beginners

The LastPass is available for free and you can also purchase the premium version at a reasonable cost. The LastPass Can operate on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows phone, and Blackberry devices. Then you can get an idea of that you are able to use the LastPass in most types of usual devices used by people. So you can use the LastPass easily and sync your passwords.

The LastPass gives a master password and you can use that master password for all your online accounts. It is like a key to log in to your all online accounts. Also, it allows you multi-factor authentication with Toopher, Duo security, Transakt, Yubi Key, and Google Authenticator if you use the LastPass. So it needs to know both of your passwords and access to a randomly generated security code to enter your password vault.

As well as if you want to share your password with some other person, you can do it in a more secure way with the LastPass. The only thing to do is install LastPass on another person’s browser and use a shared password. Then anyone does not allow to see your password. They can only login and do their tasks.

  1. 1Password

What is the best way to manage passwords for WordPress beginners
What is the best way to manage passwords for WordPress beginners

The 1Password is available for mobile devices also. The 1Password only have 30 days free trial and not available a free version. This is a more expensive password manager and users need to purchase a license for each device install. However multi-factor or biometric authentication is not available in 1Password.

The 1Password is providing an easy way to generate and fill out password fields when creating new accounts and it auto-fills forms. The 1Password does not have a cloud. So you are required to store the shared vault in a shared Dropbox folder. Then other people can reach it. Like LastPass, the 1Password also needs to install on their devices also.

  1. Dashlane

What is the best way to manage passwords for WordPress beginners
What is the best way to manage passwords for WordPress beginners

The Dashlane is available on all other platforms, desktops, and mobile like the other two password management app. The Dashlane is available free and only some features like unlimited backups and unlimited devices are available for premium users. This is to create strong passwords and encrypts and stores passwords. It auto-fills passwords as well.

You can share your password with other people in Dashlane. But it cannot sync passwords on all devices, access passwords on the web, and save backups in the free version of Dashlane.


The LastPass is easier to use, cost-effective with having enhanced security among the above three password manager apps. It allows you to use it unlimitedly in all devices you want freely.

serif;">The article explains in managing passwords in an efficient way and in a more safe manner. Passwords act as a more important security defense against hackers. Hence it is essential to maintain a unique strong password for accounts at all the time and for multi-user WordPress sites also. 

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