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Fix “Please get approval to use factory binary (Pit)”


Does your Samsung device show 128GB storage as 64GB? Or is your device stuck on the Samsung logo when you turn on your Samsung device? Do you get Odin errors in your Samsung device like “Invalid Ext4 image“, “Get PIT for mapping“, or “hidden.img“? What do you think this might be? This often happens when there is a problem with the PIT file. Don’t worry, this article is going to teach you how to properly extract the Samsung PIT file from the Samsung firmware file. Read MoreAdding IR sensor for your [name] | As TV/AC Remote

What is a PIT file?

The PIT file is contained in the Samsung firmware. A PIT file usually contains all the information about different parts of your Samsung Galaxy device. In the PIT file, it tells Odin how much block size and block count are reserved for the respective partitions when the firmware flash. When your Samsung device flashes, Odin will download the following .img and .bin files to your device.  Read Morehow to Connect Pen drive to your [name]

  • sboot.bin
  • up_param.bin
  • cm.bin
  • boot.img
  • recovery.img
  • system.img
  • modem.bin
  • modem_debug.bin
  • cache.img
  • odm.img
  • hidden.img
  • vendor.img
  • keystorage.bin
  • efs.img
  • userdata.image

The PIT file is like a text file. You can see what is included in a PIT file if you add a .txt extension after a .pit extension in a PIT file.

What is the importance of a PIT file?

Installing the wrong PIT file on your Samsung device can be a hard-brick. Therefore, if you want to install the firmware on your Samsung Galaxy device using Odin, it is essential to have the correct Samsung PIT file. (Flash Samsung Galaxy Odin)

You can’t use the PIT file on the AT&T Galaxy S10 model and flash the Verizon Galaxy S10 model. In other words, if you flash a 512GB storage Samsung device model using a PIT file with a 128GB storage Samsung device model, you will get a 128GB storage instead of a 512GB. Therefore it is essential that you download the correct firmware file for your Samsung device. Read MoreHow to increase RAM on Android device

Extract The PIT File From Samsung Firmware Correctly

Let’s see how to easily extract PIT file from any Samsung Firmware. If you try this method at least once, you won’t need to look elsewhere for how to do it again. (Fixing NAND Write Start Fail)

Step 01

As a first step, all you need to do is download the correct firmware for your Samsung device.

To find the right firmware for your device, you first need to know the model number of your Samsung device. To do this, go to Settings> About device on your Samsung device and check the model number.

Fix "Please get approval to use factory binary (Pit)"

Step 02

Now that you know the model number of your device, click here to download your Samsung firmware.

Step 03

Now, unzip(extract) the zipped firmware file you downloaded to the desktop.

Fix "Please get approval to use factory binary (Pit)"

Step 04

Go to that unzipped folder that contains the firmware binaries.

Fix "Please get approval to use factory binary (Pit)"

Step 05

There are four or five binaries named as the .tar.md5 extension as shown in the image below.

  • AP
  • BL
  • CP
  • CSC

Step 06

If you don’t see the file extension in the firmware file, you have to go to the Windows Explorer settings and adjust. To do this, click on the “View” tab in the Windows folder window and check the Checkbox for File name extensions.

Fix "Please get approval to use factory binary (Pit)"

Step 07

Select the firmware file named as CSC at the beginning and then add the “.zip” extension behind “.tar.md5”. An example is given below.

Fix "Please get approval to use factory binary (Pit)"

Step 08

Unzip(extract) this newly created CSC.zip file and open it.

Fix "Please get approval to use factory binary (Pit)"

Step 09

It is the correct PIT file for your Samsung device. You have successfully extracted it.

Flash a Samsung firmware with a Samsung PIT file

Isn’t this method easy? Let’s see how to flash your Samsung device with Samsung firmware and Samsung PIT file from the Odin tool.

You need to follow three steps to do this successfully.

  1. Go to the “Option” tab of the Odin tool and check the “Re-Partition” from the checkbox listFix "Please get approval to use factory binary (Pit)"
  2. Go to the PIT tab in the Odin tool and upload the extracted PIT file.Fix "Please get approval to use factory binary (Pit)"
  3. Remember, don’t just flash the PIT file separately. Remember that other firmware binaries, such as AP, BL, CP, and CSC, must be installed as well.

Fix "Please get approval to use factory binary (Pit)"


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