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How to use Galaxy S7 with one hand (S7 One-handed Mode)


It is common for some people to feel that the Galaxy S7 Edge is too big for their hands. For a  device that comprises  5.1 inches display, it seems to be a fair accusation to be made. If you’re having the same concern, this article is for you. The Galaxy S7 can be used with one hand, is the best news don’t you think?

For doing this method, you need to use a software feature that will adjust the device screen interface to a smaller proportion.

The simple steps to followe in order to resolve the problem

Galaxy S7 One-handed Mode will minimize the screen and place the interface in the corner of the device. With this, you will be able to start using the phone with a single hand. Since this mode is not enabled by default, follow the steps stated below to activate S7 One-handed Mode

  • GO to Settings app.
  • Select Advanced Features.
  • Tap One-handed mode.
  • Activate the switch for One-handed mode so as to enable it.
  • Tap OK and confirm.
  • From the two options on how to use One-handed mode select as per your preference: Gesture or Button.

Now you have successfully activated the Galaxy S7 One-handed Mode 😀 

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